Confessions of a Twirly Boy

Post from Maleko on Confessions of a Twirly Girl blog:

A guest post from Twirly Girls’ very own Maleko Wine!

A few months ago, Twirly Girls added a Twirly Boy to one of the classes.  And I asked him to do a guest blog.  This is Maleko!


When the opportunity to contribute to this blog was made by Lori, I almost hurt myself getting to my keyboard. I felt that “Confessions” would be a good place to talk about my experiences. You see, I’m not your typical pole dancing enthusiast: I’m a guy.

When I started down this path over a year ago, I wanted to be more comfortable with my body and learn how to be a bit more erotic for my sweetie. We had watched some movies and the male dancers got her attention in a big way. So I called around looking for a place that would teach a guy how to be an exotic dancer. I figured that learning how to strip might be fun for both of us.

Needless to say, there were no places for me to do that. Someone suggested that I might want to check out the local pole dancing studios since they seemed to cater to teaching housewives how to be sexy, sultry and erotic. It sounded reasonable, so I made some phone calls and sent some emails trying to find a teacher. But reasonable it wasn’t. Nobody wanted to teach a guy or have a guy in their class.

The was no equivocation in their response either. It was no. Simple and to the point. No. I was shocked! In a world where we supposedly have opened up in so many dimensions, in a world where any mom can get lessons on how to be sexy, I was alone. Rejected. I guess they assumed that guys are sexy and erotic enough. Okay, maybe it was more about not having a business model or resources to deal with a guy, or maybe some of us are a bit, well, leaches, but I still felt rejected. And, on top of it, I still felt like a plodding clod.

And, when I feel like a totally rejected plodding clod, I turn to my computer like any geeky guy does. But instead of binging on Aces High, I started to do more research about pole dancing. I figured that I didn’t know enough so I started to did and that’s when I discovered Shelly Lamb, Bel Jeremiah, and the Twirly Girls. Oh, did I mention that I was a guy? I mentioned it to Shelly when I talked to her and she seemed to be fine with it! Seems she’s done this before!

So I started my journey down the path of Vertical Dance in Shelly’s SLAPD class. My first personal success was performing at the Twick or Twirl event last week Saturday with Shelly and three of the most talented women I’ve had the opportunity to work with. If somebody had told me 3 months ago that I would be doing a shoulder mount in a public performance I would have told them probably not.

Sure, it was a crappy shoulder mount, I slid down the pole, but I did. I did it without a crash mat and I didn’t go “splat” at the end.

Do I still feel like a plodding clod? Not as much any more. But it’s a long journey and I’m just at the beginning. What I do feel like is a part of a family that takes their art very seriously.


Men taking pole classes is definitely a hot topic right now.  We at Twirly Girls love our Maleko!  Here is a photo and my video from the performance!

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Twirly Boy

  1. Oh my gosh…I am sooo glad Maleko wrote for the blog…
    I had people ask me about allowing men to take classes at Twirly Girls…
    Maleko is not the first male to do a class at the studio! We’ve had other men take a class or join the women…
    But Maleko is the first man to join a series and STAY WITH IT…..
    He’s dedicated and he works really hard at learning the moves.
    I know the girls love having him in class…its not about being female or male…its about the love of sharing and learning and finding new ways to express ourselves…
    Shelly’s SLAPD class is very encouraging and all the students help and encourage each other…
    I hope Maleko leads the way for more men to come out and join the classes… Way to go Maleko…we love having you at the Studio!

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