December Message from Mama Bel!

Twirly Tips:

The holidays are here and, for a lot of people, it’s a very stressful time!

Quick Tips for Stress Reduction

Have a positive attitude. Try not to worry about things out of your control. Problem solve with people around you. Ask them to help you alleviate stress. Exercise. A few extra minutes of exercise a day can benefit your overall health. Eat Nutritional food. Decrease the amount of fat and sugar you eat. Meditate, or take a class in relaxation and stretching techniques –like Pilates or Yoga. Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages Rest. Try to get eight hours of sleep each day. Get a massage. A massage can be beneficial for the mind and body. Twirl your worries away!

Twirly Holiday Stocking Stuffer Specials!

Twirly Girls Gift Certificates: 1 month for a reduced price of $99, save $20!  Taster class for only $20!
Jamilla Deville’s 5 piece DVD Instructional Set ($115, save $10)
Jamilla Deville’s Routine DVD ($20, save $5)
Twirly Girl Shirts ($15, save $5)
2012 Twirly Girl Calender $20 (all money collected benefits the National Kidney Foundation)

OTG of the Month!
Celebrating Stacey Kelsey
One year with Twirly Girls!

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