January Twirly Girl of the Month: Shelly!!

This month’s Twirly Girl of the Month is actually an instructor, USPDF competitor and pole dancer extraordinaire, SHELLY LAMB!

How did you find Twirly Girls?

I first came to Twirly Girls to attend a workshop with Jamilla Deville.  The second time with the Twirly Girls was when I was invited to do the annual “Girls Night Out” event by KGO radio.  I had two X-stages at the time so I asked one of Bel’s instructors if she would like to join me to help promote Twirly Girls.  Bel was always busy running the twirly ship so it wasn’t until I was accepted as a finalist in the 2010 USPDF West Coast Regional competition that I got to know Bel on a more personal level.  She most generously offered her studio to me so I could train for the competition on a 12ft/45mm pole which would be used in the competition.  So I guess my relationship with Twirly Girls grew sporadically over the course of a year, but if I had lived closer I would have been over there all the time 🙂

How long have you been an instructor at Twirly Girls?

I have been teaching here for about a year now.  Wow time flies!

Which classes to do you teach?  

At Twirly Girls I am currently teaching a class called SLAPD which stands for Shelly Lamb’s Anarchy Pole Dancing, I think 😉 In San Francisco I am teaching 4 different classes:  Stretching for Pole (flexibility training), Showgirl Style (a style and more dancey pole class with set choreography), Pole Workout (a longer more advanced class, similar to SLAPD), Acro Pole (Beg/Int level pole tricks) and Pole Basics (Introduction to pole series).

Any new plans for 2012?  

Yes, I want to teach a contemporary floor moves class, which would be all about innovative ways to crawl around on the floor, stand on your head and also do more dancey showgirl/jazz inspired floorwork-my focus would be on how to travel from one pole to another without choking or walking like a pedestrian-this is in perfect harmony with my teaching philosophy-“every move you do must dance”…including, but not limited to, wiping your sweaty hands on you pole shorts.  I also think I may be doing to a dirty south kinda floor/chair/wall/lap dance workshop for Valentine’s Day.

Which move are you most excited to teach?  

I don’t have a favorite move to teach, but I do have many favorite embellishing techniques for lots of moves that I teach.  I enjoy most teaching people how to make what they already know better.  I also really enjoy seeing students grasp my directions with regard to continuity of movement, a lot of people refer to this as “flow” or fluidity.  I think I am pretty good and teaching students the concept of momentum and also how to do a library of pirouettes around the pole.

Do you like to dance in heels or barefoot?  

I love to dance in heels because I am drawn to that showgirl style, but they can be limiting with certain dance moves.  Right now I am nursing a broken toe so I am doing a lot of barefoot dancing.

What is your favorite song to dance to (at this moment)?  

Pretty When You Cry by Vast.  I recently choreographed a routine to this song for my debut performance with the Hubba Hubba Revue.  I honestly can not get sick of the this song, I love the edginess of it!  I love everything by Vast but most of their music has a more somber quality.  I was lucky to stumble across this song, it really inspires me.

What is your guilty pleasure?



3 thoughts on “January Twirly Girl of the Month: Shelly!!

  1. Shelly is such a great benefit to us Twirly Girls….I am so happy she came into our lives….her teaching is amazing and she takes pride in making sure each move is done correctly…no cheating…if you can’t do the move…then its back to basics…no short cuts to make you feel better about pulling off a move…you learn it right…Shelly deserves to be recognized for all she has brought to us….Yep….Shelly…TG of the month…..

  2. Shelly deserves this TG of the Month. I honestly can’t believe that I not only know of Shelly, but “know” her as a friend and have had the opportunity to get instruction from her at Twirly Girls.

    If I lived closer to the studio, I’d be there all the time and take advantange of learning from her. Besides poling and her talent, she is down-to-earth, a blast and lots of fun!!

    Love you, Shelly!

  3. As an instructor, Shelly has a unique ability to deconstruct moves and identify where improvements in technique can be applied. Maybe something as simple as lifting the wrong leg first or a hand being too high. For Shelly, it seems that the foundation of proper technique is central to her quest for fluidity and grace. It seems to work! I for one count myself as one of her devout fans!

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