Why Pull Ups?

I remember during the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe, my nephew who is a helicopter pilot was one of the first responders…I’ll never forget the sad agonizing look on his face when he told me about the rescue after the hurricane. He said it was crazy, and the first few hours all they focused on was saving as many, as quickly as they could. They would fly over an apartment with people screaming to be saved. As they lowered the rescue basket so many were not able to climb into the basket because they had NO strength. He had to make quick decisions to take those who could climb in, fill the helicopter with as many and as quickly as he could. Needless to say it was a horrible situation, but time was in the essence. How many more could have been saved if they only had the strength to climb into the basket. If they only had the strength to pull themselves into the rescue basket!

The all important Pull Up. Yes! being able to do a pull up is not just cool, but, it can save your life. As a personal trainer I hae always felt it was one of the most important moves anyone could accomplish. Lifting your own body weight is not easy. For most, impossible…but…we at Twirly Girls do not believe in impossible. I have seen so many do things they never thought they could accomplish. It all starts with a beginning. Are you ready to begin?

At Twirly Tuff we are working on the basic pull up. First we start with the hangs. Just hanging from a bar can be challenging.  From the hangs we move on to assisted bands, or assitance from a trianer.

I’ve had some ask…”Isn’t this cheating?” Of course not…its progression. Letting your body adapt to the new stresses placed on it. Its about not quitting because you think..“oh forget it, I’ll never be able to do it”

Nothing just happens. Nothing comes easy. Nothing will ever change…if you don’t put some effort into it!

Practice just hanging. It’s working your muscles more than you realize. Its the first step.

Pull-up & Chin-up Technique. Start each rep from a dead hang with straight elbows.

  • Squeeze The Bar.
  • Breathe at The Bottom. It’s easier to breathe at the bottom. Take a big breath before pulling yourself up.
  • Chest Up. Don’t let your shoulders go forward: it’s unhealthy for your shoulders. Lead with your chest up & keep your shoulders back.
  • Look Up. Never look down during Pull-ups & Chin-ups. Look at the bar. Look where you’re pulling yourself up to.
  • Elbows to The Floor. Drive with your elbows to the floor. This involves your stronger back muscles more.
  • Bend Your Legs. And cross your feet. Letting your legs hang means less strength in my experience. Squeeze your glutes on the way up.

One at a time…its where we all start…..







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