My Workout is Your Fantasy

I attended the L.A. Fitness Expo recently and I wore my “My Fitness Is Your Fantasy Shirt“, By DK Designs. I always get so many looks of HuH…as people walked by and read my shirt. You know they’re all dying to ask the question…So, What is Your Fitness!

I almost forgot I was wearing this shirt as I was busy buying new fitness equipment for Twirly Girls. A 15ft. climbing rope, new rings, and newest foam roller. As I was making my purchase one of the vendors finally asked….“I have to ask you…what is your fitness?”  I pointed to to my little Twirly Girl Logo of me doing the boomerang on my shirt. His eyes got wide and he had a questionable look in his eyes…I could read his thoughts.! We’ve all seen that look before! The tiny  smirk on his lips, trying to hide it as I passed him my credit card.

 So I asked him…what crossed your mind when I told you my fitness is pole dancing?  As usual I got the answer I normally get.  I just don’t see fitness in Pole Dancing. You know…its just that its related to what a stripper does.

Golden opportunity to school this guy. As I passed him my credit card, with the picture of me on it doing my Boomerang, which he looked at longer than a minute. I went into my quick fitness spill about how related Pole is to so many other sport…Like why I’m buying this equipment today for our Twirly Tuff Classes!

After my little schooling I think he realized that Pole is a sport. I’m pretty passionate about this…plus I have had a lot of fitness background through the years, and I think he knew I wasn’t a newbie.

There are more and more companies creating Pole Certifications. Once upon a time when Crossfit first  came out, there were so many negative things said about the way they trained. Now, If you walk into any gym you will see trainers using the Crossfit method. Large fitness companies have to bring in new methods of training, new classes, new ways to keep trainers interested and keep them up to date with the hottest and latest. I won’t even go into some of the goofy new classes that are being offered in the fitness world. If there is going to be $$$ made…it will become mainstream.  I was introduced to a training method called Tabata’s a few years back through OneWorld  Crossfit. I use the Tabata method alot…Now…there is a new certification called the Tabata Method…Just give it time and the Big Dogs are going to jump on the band wagon. I’ve gone through weights, to machines, to band, then bosu, then functional methods….its constantly changing….Soon you will see more companies offering certs with CEU’s…as a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor we need a certain amount of credits to renew our certs. This is why it will explode…we need credits, and now we can get them through some of the various certifications being offered.

Give it time and Our Fitness is going to be Everyone’s Fantasy. Watch out world!

Just think…we’ve been advertising this all along….Get your shirt now!

My Fitness Is Your Fantasy!

P.S…Check out our Twirly Tuff Classes! Time to Tuffin Up! You will never get stronger unless you train for it…

My Fitness is Your Fantasy

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