May Twirly Boy of the Month: Maleko!

Note from Lori:  I’m sure when Bel founded Twirly Girls, men in pole dance was so far from anyone’s mind.  Just a few short years later, Twirly Girls is proud to be home to several male pole dancers.  Here, we celebrate one of our Twirly Boys: Maleko Wine!

How did you find Twirly Girls?
I found TG through the Internet. I was searching for a place to work on my dancing and found Shelly and she led me to TG.

How long have you been a Twirly Girl [Boy]?
I’ve been a TG since September of last year (2011).

Did you pole dance before becoming a TG?
No, but I did do some exotic dancing.

Which class(es) do you take?  Who is your instructor?
I have been enrolled in Shelly Lamb’s SLAPD class on Thursday night. I’ve also been to many of the TG clinics with the last one being the open pole clinic in March.

Which move were you most excited to nail?
That’s an easy one! Cross ankle release. And it’s really more of I “tacked” it. Not quite nailed yet.

Have you taken any workshops?  Which was your favorite?
Yep. And my favorite was the Philip Deal workshop.

Do you like to dance in heels or barefoot?
Well, the heels are a bit tough on my insteps so I’d have to say barefoot.

(Note from Lori: Whoops, sorry, Maleko, maybe I need to make sure I check the questions before they go out!!)  🙂

What is your favorite song to dance to (at this moment)?
I’m keeping that one a secret for now but my second favorite is Adel’s Rolling in the Deep.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Since you added the word guilty, I’d have to say, and I know this is going to start a fire storm, stripping! I enjoy the performance and the interaction. Guess I’m an exhibitionist at heart!

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