Planning the Twirly Girls 2013 Calendar!

Hi Twirly Girls and Boys!

It is time to shoot the Twirly Girls calendar for 2013!  100% of the proceeds will benefit the National Kidney Foundation in connection with our Lovely Rita Fundraiser.

Here are the rules this year:

We ask for a $50 donation to help cover the cost of printing.  In return, you will receive a copy of the edited photo chosen for the calendar (once the calendar is released in November).  First come, first served.  This means: If you have a certain month in which you would like to appear, then the first to pay will be the first to choose their month (please provide us with more than one option should your desired month already be chosen).  Photoshoot schedules will be assigned the same way.

The first calendar shoot has been scheduled the morning of the already-scheduled paid shoots.  So four months will be shot Sunday, July 22nd.  The first shoot will be at 10 AM, with appointments happening every hour, on the hour.  The final appointment slot will be at 3 PM.  Please remember, this is for charity and all money will need to be collected prior to the photoshoot.  No refunds for cancellations.

Each month can have up to three people.  If you do not want to appear in the calendar alone, you must put your own group together.  The donation amount may be shared with your partner/group members.  However, you will still only receive the one photo (chosen by us) that appears in the calendar (i.e., these photoshoots are not being set up for personal use, but if time allows, we may be able to let you have some photo time with Andrew, or you may have the opportunity to purchase photos not used for the calendar after the calendar has been released).

A theme will be chosen and costumes/outfits should be run by Bel, Rita and/or Lori prior to your photoshoot.

Three photoshoot dates/times will be set up in advance.  Four months will be shot per photoshoot.  We cannot set up one on one shoots or shoot around individual schedules.  Expect the second and third shoots to happen on a Saturday or Sunday as well, mostly likely in August.  The goal is to have all photos shot by September so that the calendar can go to print by October 1st and we can release the calendar at the Trick or Twirl event the first weekend of November (more details to come).  However, hopefully this will help you understand why we are up against a strict deadline.  If you are in the calendar, please plan to attend the Trick or Twirl showcase so that you can be included in the calendar release party as well!

ALSO, Local business owners/pole related business owners: If you are willing to contribute $100 toward printing costs, you get a business card sized ad on the back of the calendar. Initial printing is 100 calendars.

If you are interested in being in the calendar, please contact Lori ASAP.  Thanks!

E-mail: tazzie2010 at
Tel: (925) 997-8250

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