How often have you joined a new sport or new adventure and you want to jump right into it?  You want to go from A to Z overnight right!

If you have a good coach or trainer they will teach you a slow progression to reach your goals.

You’ve heard of those weekend warrior injuries, where you run out and decide to play hard, and end up with an injury…Injuries can happen because of overuse, or it will happen in an instant.

Now for the big word of the day:

Progression: To avoid injuries, the intensity and/or duration of any exercise program should increase gradually.

Progress no more than 10% per week (weight, time, speed or distance for example). First increase the intensity, then the duration (go faster and then longer). Train safe…let your body adapt to the new stresses you’re putting on it.

If you try to progress too fast you risk injury. Let your body adapt.

Look at the weekend warrior…comes out hard and strong on the weekends…doesn’t get much exercise during the week and tries to fit it all in on the weekends. Total violation of the  principle of progression. Very high risk of injury.

The principle of progression implies that there is an optimal level of overload that should be achieved, and an optimal time frame for this overload to occur. If you gradually increase  the workload over a period of time you will see improvements in your fitness abilities without the risk of injury. If the overload occurs too slowly, you may not see much improvement, but if the overload is done to0 quickly this can result in injury or muscle damage.

The Principle of Progression also stresses the need for proper rest and recovery. Something most people don’t do enough of. They think more is always better. Continual stress on the body and constant overload will result in exhaustion and injury. You should not train hard all the time, we call this over-training, and instead of making gains you’ll actually have a decrease in fitness.

Its easy to get caught up in the new moves of the day, but until you train your body and progress safely, you risk injury.

These are the things alot of people don’t want to hear because they want to go from A to Z…in a very short amount of time. But Progression should be a word that sticks in the back of our head. When you’re about to do a move and you know you really haven’t trained for it….think….Progression…know when to stop and re-evaluate your next move, because an injury can happen in an instant….and it can take months to heal….

Play smart…play safe…Mama Bel

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