Lily, A Dazzling Spin Master at 60 Something

A story I would like to share:

Back in 2009, one of our Twirly Girls, Daisy, wanted to surprise her husband with a Birthday Pole Dance. Daisy bought a pole and we put it up in her bedroom. I went over to Daisy’s house so she could practice her routine in her own house.

Lily, Daisy’s mom was downstairs at the time. Lily came up and seemed a little interested in what we were doing. Lily at 61, had recently gone through some life changes, and Daisy thought maybe her mom could use a little spin in her life.

Daisy asked if I could show her mom a few moves… I sent Daisy downstairs to give me a change to work with Lily…we were having so much fun I forgot about the time,  an hour later we called Daisy upstairs to watch her mom dance.

I put on one of Lily’s favorite songs. She walked up to the pole, hesitated at first, closed her eyes, took a deep breath and transformed before our eyes…She danced, and floated around that pole. She hadn’t learned many moves at all, but she just let it go and she danced with so much passion. This was  3 years ago, but I will never forget the look on her daughters face. Daisy dropped to her knees and started to cry. She looked at her mom and said “Mom, you are so beautiful, oh my God, you are so beautiful!” Of course this brought tears to my eyes also.

Lily said, I guess our children forget we can be beautiful and sexy too!

Lily started to take the Grand Dames Pole Class I had created for women over 50. She brought some of her other girlfriends and they had a ball. Lily was also taking ballroom dance, so we would incorporate her style of ball room dance to pole.

I was seeing this amazing women blossom before my eyes. I wanted to share her story so I contacted a local newspaper.  Robert Souza from the Castro Valley Forum set up an interview date at my home. Lily was excited but very nervous. The day of the interview she literally called me to tell me she could not make it! Robert was already at my home waiting. I called Daisy and she said my mom is nervous but she’ll do it. Then I get another call from Lily telling me she broke down on the side of the road and couldn’t come. Well of course I drove out to find her and here she is at the corner, her car running just fine, with a sneaky, smile on her face, since her car was just fine. She followed me to my house, and I assured her if she decided she didn’t want to do the interview that it was ok…but she said she wanted to, she was just nervous. In the beginning of the interview you could tell Lilly was very nervous, then Robert asked if she’d like to maybe show a little bit of her dance….

Instant Transformation…..Robert looked at me and said…”Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this! She transformed right before my eyes to a beautiful, self-confident women. This was amazing.”

Robert asked her…wow, that was quite a change! You were so confident and you seemed to just get into your own space and forget we were even here. You didn’t look nervous at all.

This was the quote Lily gave him and he put this in his article:

“It’s very liberating to walk up to that pole and be able to do whatever you want to do with nobody dictating what you can and can’t do. It’s really training for your inner soul.

I love the fact that Lily found she could dance and put everything else behind her. Dance is just that…finding that inner passion and just letting everything else go.

BTW: Lily bought her own pole for her living room!


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