3 Main Muscles That Can Cause Back Pain

Flexible Grace
Flexible Grace

The three main muscles that can cause back pain and are not even back muscles, are the hip flexors, the hamstrings and the glutes.

First, the hip flexors you use them to kick, leap, dance, and hold your legs up. They get overworked (and understretched) and they pull the hips to tilt forward (they’re attached at the front party of the spine)the

The hamstrings (the back part of your thigh) are used every time you squat, jump or run. They are also used to kick your back leg behind your or hold it up. They are integral in balance when you are on one foot.

And third, your glutes. They are used each time you jump, squat and land. They are used to turn your hips in and out, to balance you from turning out on single leg, and when strong, are the powerhouse of your run. Keeping them happy will make them pull at your sacrum less, meaning that your SI joint stays happier!

Bel Jeremiah
Owner Twirly Girls Pole Fitness
Personal Trainer

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