OTG “Original Twirly Girl”

When you first walked into Twirly Girl’s Studio, did you think you’d still be taking classes and hanging with the Twirly Girls ONE YEAR LATER?

Most people when they decide to try something new, are looking for some sort of change. Whether it’s a change in their fitness program, adding a fitness program, looking to meet new friends, or just wanting to try the new craze on a whim. We all have our own reasons for stepping out and trying something new.

The big question is whether you stick with it and for how long?

Part of keeping with a program is added benefit to your life, forming a strong bond with your fellow peers, and just feeling like you are part of a Family, or as I like to call it A Tribe. So how do you recognize someone who has stuck with it? At Twirly Girls once you’ve made your 1 year anniversary you become an OTG (Original Twirly Girl) and you get to wear your official OTG Shirt…this shirt is earned, not bought.

This is someone who’s dedicated themselves to sticking with the program, whether it’s because of fitness, wanting to become more confident, or just love hanging with a bunch of Twirlers…it doesn’t matter. They earned the right to be an OTG. They are part of the TRIBE. A Tribe called Twirl. When I see one of our students wearing their OTG shirt, they an inspiration to me for sticking with the program, but for me an OTG  is a friend, family and someone who I know is dedicated to being better at what they love.

In today’s world with multiple coupon offers, ready to grab you and pull you away to the latest and greatest cheapest deal of the day, it’s nice to know that our OTG’s stay with us.

So Congratulations to all the OTG”S this month! Jade L, Rebecca T, Luanda G, Christine M.

Mama Bel


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