February Twirly Girl of the Month: Rebecca!

How did you find Twirly Girls?

I had been taking classes with Shelly Lamb, when she invited me to join her SLAPD class at Twirly Girls. I instantly fell in love with the close knit community of that class and the studio as a whole.

How long have you been a Twirly Girl?

Just over a year now! OTG status as of January!

Did you pole dance before becoming a TG?

Yes, I started as a beginner with Shelly.

Which class(es) do you take? Who is your instructor?

I had been taking Tricks on Thursday nights, but have just recently switched to Saturdays with Sean Michael, which I am SUPER excited about!

Which move were you most excited to nail?

There have been lots of exciting moves, some more difficult than others, but my all time highest feeling of personal accomplishment was learning how to climb! I remember my first month or so of pole dancing, watching other students climb, and I could not even pull up my knees. I thought to myself, there’s no way I’m strong enough for this! But what I’ve learned from Twirly Girls is that it’s not about being strong enough, it’s about getting stronger over time, and having the patience with yourself to let it happen.

Have you taken any workshops? Which was your favorite?

The workshop at Twirly Girls with Amber Richards this month was fantastic! She had so many tiny hints that made HUGE differences in executing certain moves. My Superman has never looked so good!

Do you like to dance in heels or barefoot?

Both! Barefoot when I’m tapping into the athletic side of pole dancing, heels when I’m just workin’ it. 🙂

What is your favorite song to dance to (at this moment)?

Maroon 5, “Secret”. I’m not totally out of the pole dancing closet – I make no effort to hide it, but I don’t talk about it to certain friends or post pictures on Facebook. So pole dancing is still sort of my secret, and that song is great for feeling sexy!

What is your guilty pleasure?

I make it a point to feel no guilt about any of my pleasures!


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