Trick or Twirl 2013!

On October 27, 2013, Twirly Girls hosted the fourth (I think we started in 2010) annual Trick or Twirl Spooktacular Showcase!  Please check out videos and some photos below (please forgive me, the photos are loaded in alphabetical order, not chronological order — join our group HERE to see more photos).  Thank you to everyone who participated and attended.  To Robert and Rita for taking photos.  To Ginger for lending me her camera so I could get a third angle.  To our pole cleaners (thanks especially to Isa, who was half as tall and had to work twice as hard to get to the top).  To all of the dancers and instructors who worked so hard on these routines.  And to Mama Bel who keeps believing in us and allowing us to have fun in the studio.  (I know I probably forgot some people and I apologize!!)  ❤  ~ Lori


1 AJ AJ2 AJ3 Alyssa Alyssa4 Amy Amy2 Celina2 Celina3 Dizzy Divas Dizzy Divas4 Grace Grace3 Group Instructors and Bel Instructors Kate and Patrick Kate4 Lioness girls (2) Lori and Isa Lori and pumpkin Patrick2 Pole Emo (Ginger) Pole Emo (Jade) Pole Emo2 Pole Emo4 Pole Emotion (three girls) Robert Sean Michael Sean Michael2 Sean Michael4 SM and family Sylvia and Theresa Sylvia Tiff Tiff2 Tiff3 Total Twirl Total Twirl2 Total Twirl3 Total Twirl4 Total Twirl5 Trish Trish2

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