Sasja Lee, Fly Gym, New Beginner Classes

Special Guest Workshop with Sasja LeeImage
2014 National Aerial Pole Art Champion
2014 National Aerial Pole Art Most Artistic
2013 California Pole Dance Champion
Both workshops Sunday July 13th
Fierce Fusion
10:am to 11:30am   INT/ADV
Learn how to combine tricks, spins and floor work. Listen to your body and pulling from your own repertoire in order to create
your own routine. Class limited to 8 only. Get Your Your Own Pole!
Seamless Transitions
12pm to 1:30pm  BEG/INT
Who wouldn’t like to move like butter? This class is all about
threading and using creative flow from one trick to the next.
You will become a natural at being seamless.

Class limited to 8 only. Register online today!  $55

Why fight traffic trying to get to the studio! Great class for moms to get the kids down…so now its YOUR TIME!
Triple T’s Beginner/Taster Class
Tuesdays 9:15pm to 10:30pm

NEW Workshops in July with Certified FlyGym Instructor Ginger!
Fly Gym takes traditional exercises off the ground! It uses supportive fabrics hung from the ceiling, providing an amazing and unique experience. With FlyGym you can improve joint mobility, muscle strength & flexibility, and get spinal decompression.
Classes will be very small with specialized instruction. 4 spots only.
Special intro price only $20. Register online.
Tuesdays 7am to 7:45am
Wednesdays 6pm to 6:45pm
Saturdays 11am to 11:45am

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