Mirror Mirror on the Wall

How many times have you heard me say in class:

“Don’t stare in the mirror, the mirror is NOT your friend!

We spend aloft of time in front of a mirror.  Looking in a mirror will constantly remind us of good days, bad days, skinny days, fat days, good hair days, bad hair days, yadda yadda.  Ok, as dancers, we like to look at ourselves to see what we’re producing. But if we don’t like what we see it can affect our mood, and it can either elevate us, or deflate us. I can walk into class feeling all confident, then I watch myself in the mirror and I think “Oh crap, I look awful” Just imagine if you didn’t see yourself in the mirror and you just danced like no one is watching. You will feel beautiful because it’s what you feel inside. We  have to remember that a mirror, is just a reflection of ourselves, and not the true self. If we look in the mirror on a bad day, it doesn’t matter how anyone else sees us, we only see what’s in our reflection. If we feel crappy that day, you better believe we’re gonna see a crappy reflection. You’ve heard the old expression “Smoke and Mirrors”

(Smoke and mirrors is a metaphor for a deceptive, fraudulent or insubstantial … a program or functionality that does not yet exist, but appears as though it does)

We are all  beautifully and wonderfully made! Our true reflection is far deeper than a sheet of glass. Once you find that honest reflection of who you are-YOU’VE CONQUERED THE MIRROR. Now you can become the best that you can be! Remember when you dance, you want it to come from within. I’m not saying never to use a mirror, but when its time to dance, free dance, look away, and just let it come from within.


The audiences ears hear the music, and their eyes see you being that music. Dance is the music made visible. You ARE the music!
~ Morocco ~




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