You walk out and you’re on stage. The lights, the sounds, the audience. People tell you what to expect, but until you’ve done it, you really don’t know what to expect. Yes, the FIRST TIME is always the hardest.  The FIRST TIME you probably won’t even remember much of your performance. Was it good, did I forget something, did I make eye contact, did I smile?  While practicing and learning to put a routine together your 3-4 minute song probably feels like an hour, but when you finally walk out on stage that song will feel like it was done in just a few seconds. Trust me you’ll go back and analyze your performance over and over. You’ll look at videos, pictures and critique yourself over and over.

You’re excited,  this is your very first performance, and you want it to be good! How do you engage the audience? You want to make sure the audience remembers your performance. There’s a lot of good dancers, but can you capture the audience! You don’t have to be great at dancing or doing tricks but you do need to be able to engage and draw in your audience. Does your audience get what you’re trying to express. When your song is over, do they want more?

If you’ve never performed before, think about your first performance. Do you want to compete? Do you just want to perform and not worry about the competition?  You’ll find there are more and more venues opening up now that are not in the competition range. Performing at your own studio, performing at outside venues such as NCPP (Northern California Pole Presentation, a non-competitive organization. Various shows in the community. Maybe you have no desire to compete, but you’d love to perform! Why not! You’ve worked hard! Show them what you got!

If you think maybe, just maybe you may want to perform, we have a great workshop coming up that can help you get to that First Time! -2

“Routine Building Workshop” Nov. 15th, 11:30-1pm with Ellen Lovelace. Ellen will take you through all the aspects of building a well-rounded routine. Learn about music, work on  tricks and transition combinations. This is a great opportunity to learn how to make a good routine, a great performance. Register online $35


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