News Years Resolutions?

Welcome 2015! With a new year comes a new start. Right??? Many people make New Year’s resolutions every January in the hope of making changes in their life.

To be honest making New Years Resolutions kind of stresses me out! When someone asks me my goals I kind of revert to the goals I didn’t accomplish last year as a last resort answer, and those were probably the same goals the year before! Hey I’ve read Anthony Robbins and numerous others who teach you how to set realistic goals… I know it’s said you need to write YOUR GOALS DOWN!!! Sure , I’ll write them down only to forget where I put them. Maybe my goal this year is to remember where I put them! I’ve been told “post them where you will see them every morning to hold yourself accountable.”

I’m a personal trainer; I see a big surge of people joining the gym the first of the year. When I ask them why they joined the gym they say it’s their new years resolution to lose a certain amount of weight, get fit. Usually it’s a big number like 20, 30 pounds. I encourage them not to focus on a number but just focus on getting to the gym! Once you make it to the gym for at least 2 weeks you start to get into the pattern, and start to enjoy it, then things start to happen! For those who listen I’ll see them around, for those who focus only on a number they’re usually gone by March. Expectations too high, frustrations set in…and it probably wasn’t fun either, it was STRESSFUL, and disappointing!

Like many others I am not the best at sticking to my new years resolutions for any longer than the middle of January. Heck it’s already the middle of January and I haven’t even done a goal list yet! Assuming this year will be any different than the rest, I decided I will not make a year long goal list for 2015. Instead, I’m going to focus on short term goals on my calendar for each month. For some my goals will be petty, but again…It’s MY Goal LIST, and I’m doing it for me! For instance, in January my goal is to clean and organize my car, and keep it that way. I have no idea how I manage to get so much stuff in my car! You’d think I was living in my car. But when my car is clean, I feel good…so that is my goal for Jan! Both my sister and I love to read so we set a goal to read 150 books this year. It’ll be fun since we can share books, and keep each other accountable. Trust me if I don’t accomplish this I won’t freak out, but it will be fun doing it and we love to read!

Don’t pick goals that will make you frustrated and disappointed! If you reach too high and try to grasp too much it’s likely you’ll fall down quickly and it only makes you feel worse! Don’t set your goals only on wishes instead of reality! I also think our goals should be fun and rewarding! Like once a month pick a new park to hike at…somewhere you’ve never been before! Or, maybe a new type of restaurant, a new type of food! In Pleasanton alone we are in walking distance to so many great restaurants., and wineries. Once a month get some of your fellow Twirlers to grab a bite to eat at a new place! Have some fun time to mingle! You’d be surprised what interesting people we have at the studio!

One of my goals is to visit local cities more often and see them in a new way. We recently drove out to Oakland and walked around some of the cool stores that are stocked with East Bay style, and locally made goods from independent artist and makers. We went to a cool store called Oaklandish!…I bought my son a new Raiders shirt that you probably can’t get anywhere else. I was surprised how artsy Oakland is getting. So one of my goals this year is just to drive out to a local city and see it with new EYES! WE have so much within 100 miles of the Bay Area why not learn more about what’s out there! I’m hearing more and more people are buying the Fitbit, or one of the fitness watches that tells them how many steps they take, how they sleep etc…at first I thought it wasn’t worth it…I thought, wait, I want to know my heart rate, etc…but then after talking to several people who have one, I realized, it’s a brilliant idea because its easy to walk, its fun to make your numbers, and its challenging in a fun way! So why run when you can walk…and enjoy the view….and everyone can do it!IMG_8028

I know at Twirly Girls everyone wants to do tricks…yes, you can get there, but set your goals at the basics first. You may not be able to climb to the top of the pole, but don’t make that your goal, make the goal to go half way up the pole. Before you know it, you only have to go up the other half of the pole and you’ll reach the top! It didn’t seem that hard to have to climb half way up did it! So again…break things up into smaller chunks to create the whole.

In the end, be kind to yourself as you grow, fail and succeed. There is no health in beating yourself up and setting yourself up for failure. Success and joy often comes in packages we didn’t expect. Be open to things looking a bit different than you expected. Keep moving towards the things that you love and make you feel alive, and the path will lead you towards true change and growth. Often times the unexpected is better than the expected!!

Make 2015 a fun year and a great year…Mama Twirl!

  1. 1.  Be realistic.
    2. Line your goals up with your daily life.
    3. Develop your patience.
    4. Be honest with yourself – change requires commitment.
    5. Look for ways to reduce stress,  it will undermine your discipline and your health.
    6. Be prepared to try something new.
    7. Be prepared to learn from your mistakes. We all make them, so learn from them.
    8. Celebrate the small steps. You see so much more taking small steps!
    9. Be curious and open to the learning.
    10. Look for balance in life.
    11. Look for others who share your goals, and support each other.
    12. Have ‘safe’ people who will encourage you during your highs and lows.
    13. Have some fun along the way – joy can fuel positive change.

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