Highlighting Simona Sivils for PPC Pole Competition….by Mama Twirl

Simona Sivils will be competing at her first solo pole competition in Los Angeles, at the “2015 10967755_1048188181863738_1038666616_n-1Pacific Pole Competition” being held Feb. 28th to Mar. 1st. I asked Simona to share alittle bit about herself and what made her decide to enter her first competition, and what motivated her.

I’m a Czech native, married to my junior high school sweetheart. No kids yet, but not ready to close that door quite yet. I am the owner of two hybrid cats, a Bengal and Savannah. I also work as an occupational therapist. I have 10yrs. of background in cheer-leading and stunting with some basic dance and gymnastics. I’ve only done group pole performances, so this will be my first pole solo!!

What motivated me to compete, and what I want to get out of it is mostly about the training process. I feel like a competition gives me very set goals, and since I am goal driven, having a timeline of when to achieve them has been crucial to my progress. I also love the camaraderie that happens along the way. Since my history with a cheer/stunt team, I have missed that team feeling. So, even though I’m competing and doing a solo, I’m still enjoying the team/family feel to it, and how we all work to together to achieve personal goals. I’m also trying to get out of the technical style of dance that has been my past, and move into a more flowy and graceful style of dance and performing.

Ellen Lovelace and  also Jessica Campbell from the Poletential studio have been my inspiration. I want to move like them!!  Simona takes Ellen’s Pole Flow Classes Saturday mornings.

Simona will be competing in Dramatic Level 2 Senior: This is the appropriate level for dancers who have the ability to invert safely from the ground. In addition to the skills permitted in 10906118_1033395886676301_2983848775803876609_n-1Level 1. Dancers may perform inverts on the pole from the floor. Aerial inverts and aerial shoulder mounts are not allowed. In all moves, dancers must maintain three points of contact with the pole while inverted, while the entire body weight is being supported by the pole. Level 2 must use both spinning and static poles.

Simona will be Twirling and representing both Twirly Girls and Poletential Studio. Good Luck Simona! We’ll be there to cheer you on!

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