Highlighting Patrick Loranger for PPC Pole Competition….By Mama Twirl

Meet PPC Pro competitor, Patrick Loranger! 10645304_10152783742062329_5144971782289012153_n

I started pole dancing alittle over 2 years ago and fell in love instantly. I’m always looking for new ways to push myself with pole, and ways I can change up things that I’ve learned. I take inspiration from many of my other activities like teaching Zumba and Bollywood dance. My love for competing comes from meeting new people in the industry and sharing my talents.  I have been competing professionally for about a year and half now.10171820_10152368528162329_1967297010503617822_n-1

I love the thrill from competing and challenging myself to push harder and do better each time. Also i love getting to know my fellow competitors because everyone knows that the real show and fun is had backstage.
Patrick’s love for pole and performing has opened other new doors for him. His first pole performances were at our Twirly Girls Events, and from there he is now performing for The Volare Variety Show in San Francisco, and numerous fundraisers in the Bay Area. He is also a doing drag performances at 1220 in Walnut Creek.1601508_788379051175673_1730083362_n
Patrick will be competing in the Professional Division. This level is the qualifier for the Nationals.  Good luck Patrick! You’ve trained hard and your Twirly Family will be cheering for you on!

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