Highlighting Albert “AJ” Bautista for PPC Pole Competition…By Mama Bel

Albert “AJ Bautista….will be competing in Pro Men’s Division in just a few hours…

He has been so busy juggling his time between coaching his fellow students and team mates, working at luluulemon, teaching his regular classes, AND putting in hours of training1891071_10152242551029501_454500131_n. When AJ goes into training mode…he trains…Well  time just slipped away from him and he didn’t get a chance to send in something for this little bio so I decided before he goes on stage in just a few hours I’ll just say alittle bit about him.

For those of you who have had the opportunity to work with AJ, you know how passionate  he is about anything he does. If you know AJ, you Love AJ…simple as that…He’s just that damn lovable.

AJ is a multi- talented person. AJ can dance, AJ can sing, AJ can we11021245_10203541694684928_2930799775442787119_nar make up and heels better than we can, AJ is calm, sweet, caring and an amazing coach and instructor who totally goes out of his way to help his fellow Twirlers…

AJ moved to the states from Manila. He is  part of the Polecats Manila Team. Although he can’t be with his home studio, he is still a U.S Satellite Correspondent. When AJ moved to the states we were the luckiest studio to have him join our Twirly Team.

AJ is constantly seeking to learn anything pertaining to fitness, and the aerial arts. I’ve decided to share some pictures of AJ, because this will tell his story.

Good luck AJ…I know your Manila Polecats and all the Twirly Girls are cheering you on…1896855_10203332069966868_1228828545_n 1891071_10152242551029501_454500131_n 1798447_10202939703041027_819213031_n 1795504_10151916635405373_1607829407_n

1622677_10153899779495595_1149883864_n11025123_10152649458340373_2546439057690272704_n 11025797_10206183954662203_8555111437827714291_n   10392428_918764548137122_6652809336825915486_n 10367738_873125836034327_2531615030320211399_n10365911_846403212039923_7378952288700587475_n   1982282_10203493049591258_1545011269_n10367738_873125836034327_2531615030320211399_n10365911_846403212039923_7378952288700587475_n10247325_834158523264392_4016165162199093296_n1902994_10202445460832404_1987194785871237362_n16265_10200699297026763_930599368_n14955_10152272345930373_2831048539198628542_n1454715_10152028887003582_1654284518_n999630_10202598812875899_709142352_n

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