Congratulations to our 2015 Pacific Pole Competitors by Mama Twirl

This years Pacific Pole Competition was bigger and tuffer than every! Each year the level of competitorsIMG_9281 are getting better and better. Tricks that used to be considered advanced are now becoming intermediate moves! Everyone is coming up with harder and crazier combination tricks, and the routines are amazing!11041721_10206186457564774_4569712015370615617_n

Our 8 competitors trained hard, and it showed! You are amazing and we couldn’t be more proud of each of you. Some of you did not win a medal, but placed very well for your first contest. It can be very subjective on what a judge is looking for, and some of you missed a medal by only 1 point! But it wasn’t about a medal or winning. It was about you, and how you each performed with your heart and soul, and the passion showed.  You were entertaining, dramatic, you flowed. Your costumes were awesome as was your makeup! You told a story with your dance. You performed!IMG_9244

I’m not sure alot of people really know what goes intoIMG_8979 training for a competition. It consists of hours of pole training and stretching, finding the right song that works for you, choreographing a routine that works with the pole moves which includes a spinning pole, floor work, and static pole. You eat, sleep, dream your music and routine.  Then theirs the IMG_9300costume and makeup! Once its time to compete, there’s transportation, competition fees, hotel, food, and lots of other odds and ends you need for the show.  But when its all done, and your 3 to 4 minutes is over. You take a deep breath, and know you did your best, and your best is all we ever ask 10401653_1065390963476793_2362812500506202203_nfor.

Each of our Twirlers went out on stage this weekend, some of theIMG_9442m had to be up at 5am. Check in time at 6am. You were amazing and I can’t tell you how proud our Twirly Family is of each of you! I want to congratulate each of you for an amazing job. You worked hard and it showed! There were tears, and shouts, and screams of amazement. I saw you all come together as a family. The support was beyond words. All I can say is we are one hell of a family! Not just a studio, but a family.

Next stop is the Nationals in August where AJ will be competing in Men’s Professional Division!11021075_10152650056455373_6652518090427140949_n11011471_10153090421469501_1557442992754883481_n-1IMG_9466

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