Our 6th Annual Lovely Rita Fundraiser Was Awesome! by Mama Bel

Our 6th Annual Lovely Rita Fundraiser was amazing!10418146_1054420127904896_4461674554826766288_n

All our performers! The show cannot go on without you! So for those of you who volunteered to perform, you made it a success. All your time and effort truly paid off. Everyone was amazing! We have such a great variety of talent and performers and it’s what makes our shows better and better each year. Your charitable time, and hard work is what made this show such a success!

A big shout out to Our 3 Pole Cleaners/Back Stage-Managers. Our 3 volunteers, Rosanne, Katie and Ginger! These ladies made sure that the entire performance ran smoothly! From cleaning poles, to making sure hair and makeup was done. You were amazing. No performance can ever run smoothly without a great crew! You girls had the hardest job, and yet you didn’t seem stressed at all. You were phenomenal.

A Big shout out to Diablo Gymnastics for the use of their bleachers. There is no way we could raise the money we do, unless we had somewhere for people to sit. Diana Kottke​, Andrew Kottke, and Kimberlee Larson​, thank you for all the hard work setting up and tearing down the bleachers. Not to mention bringing them out to the studio! It’s all those behind the scene things that go on and aren’t always noticed that makes the show go on!11204978_1054424941237748_5203388517177999460_n

Thank you Jeff Henderson, he rented the extra chairs for us, delivered and picked them up!

Big Shout Out to Karen’s Flower Kottage for the beautiful flowers presented to Rita at the finale. Again Thank you Robert and Dale for your generosity! If you need flowers for any occasion…please support our team!
Karen’s Flower Kottage in Hayward.
Local: 510-400-7509
Toll Free: 866-413-5599

Thank You Ron Castia for taking time from your busy schedule to come out and set up our sound system provided by AKA Concerts. Thank you Nick for taking a Saturday off and volunteering to manage the music. If you’re looking for a great sound system contact Ron Castia with AKA Concerts. Ron is also a Song Writer, Business Manager at Dissident Souls, and Lead Singer.
Again…support our local peeps when you can!

Thank You Miles Sager​ and Tiffany Tse. If you’re wondering who took videos…well they got you covered! Oh my gosh…I can’t wait to see the video’s! We’ll be doing some photo shoots with these two…so you’ll be hearing more in the near future!

MOST OF ALL….we are so grateful for all11138684_1054416127905296_5172203894055505620_n the generosity of our Twirly Family and Friends. It made me so happy to look into the audience and see so many Twirly Girls there to support their team. From long time Twirlers, to the Newbies. One big family. To all those who donated to the raffle, to everyone who bought raffle tickets, bought tickets to the show! This event cannot happen without YOUR SUPPORT! Again…we are successful because of YOUR generosity and support.
As of now I have calculated $2125 raised at the studio. We were a huge success!.


We will see you all next year!

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