Twirly Girl Instructor Grace Garcia Gives a Shout Out!

After her amazing performance last Saturday at the Volare Variety Show in San Francisco, Grace Garcia put it out there in her own words!

1) Have a vi11745593_10207287989422382_8251643925938571625_nsion.
2) Surround yourself with people who provide constructive criticism on txt selfies after countless wig trials- to the point you get kicked out of the beauty supply store.
3) Say FCK it and dye the hair.
4) Pour it UP, tell that B*tch to pay UP and make it rain.

Shout-outs and Thank Yous!

@alystea @tifffffers @omegabyte my TG crew who made me feel like I was on the MTV music awards. ‪#‎projectRiRi‬ does not exist without you. To my B*tch for being super 10981443_10207288083344730_1940886687149439999_ngay and fun to work with- he’s the true diva of the group.
To Mama Bel- your open door policy never goes unnoticed 😘

To my honeyboy who hardly saw me the last month, but still stands right by my side every step through my journey ‪#‎solid‬.
To the homie poppaDJchef @zhaldee who hooks it up with the illest music a diva could ever ask for- a gazillion high fives for “getting me.”
Huge thanks to KC @majikate creator, producer, and my dear friend who sheds blood, sweat, tears, develops allergies, and still manages to put on SF’s only variety show of it’s kind. You are legend and love you forever.
***STAY humble, focused, and passionate.*** See you all at the next VOLARE VARIETY SHOW!!!! ‪#‎volarevariety‬ #projectRiRi ‪#‎bitchbetterhavemymoney‬ ‪#‎pouritup‬

Join Grace every Sunday at 11am!!!

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