My First Performance at 2015 NCPP: by Katie Mejia

11052416_10205651276016104_6751507889914658626_nI’m going to be honest, I was skeptical about buying photos/video for NCPP because I know what I need to work on and didn’t want to feel embarrassed to see my mistakes in pole photographed. However, I look at these photos, and I feel happy because I look like I am having FUN. Before pole, I felt like I was in a deep state of not knowing who I was and what I wanted, especially with my husband being away. I look at these photos and I almost can’t even recognize myself because I look HAPPY and FREE. And I know I wouldn’t have done NCPP if it wasn’t for my pole mamas Bel Jeremiah and Gracie Rose! I cannot express how much love I have for you special ladies – meeting you two has been life changing for me. Thank you for your tremendous support in my pole journey, I don’t think you’ll ever know just how much impact you two have made in my life. Thank you Albert Job Bautista for doing last minute make up on me – without it, I think I wouldn’t have had that “it” factor in my face♥! And thank you George Grigorian for capturing my hair whips and smiles! Even though my performance did not include a lot of special tricks or spins, the fact that there is so much love and support from my twirly family is what makes me happy the most! Thank you Twirly Girls Pole Fitness for continuing to be the most loving and supportive family any pol12039389_10205651274376063_297879122783805605_ne dancer can have♥12039745_10205651274136057_4796756434726108359_n

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