This Studio is Ageless: by Mama Twirl

After the NCPP Show in August, I had dinner with Dawn Mendoza and Katie Mejia. During our dinner conversation,  we talked about pole and the experiences we’ve 010MendozaHP20150923all gotten from taking classes, and meeting new friends. Dawn made a great comment about feeling that our studio was ageless. It is true. Katie in her early 20’s, Dawn a young 40’s and myself, a young 60’s (haha)  We all felt totally comfortable with each other and it was true, we felt no age gap whatsoever.  Dawn made a great comment so I asked her if she’d like to share alittle bit about how she felt when she came to Twirly Girls  6 months ago!
” Six months ago I took my first steps into the Twirly Girls Studio, and was I nervous. I consider myself more goofball then sexy so a pole dancing class was outside my comfort zone in a big way.  I arrived at the studio and could hear sexy music while standing at the front door – honestly I was about to turn around and leave but quickly knocked and said to myself if they hear my knock over the music I’ll stay, if not – I’m out of here.  The door opened and in I went.  I can honestly say almost instantly I felt at ease.  I was greeted with smiling faces and really didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.  Maybe pole dancing isn’t that intimidating….
Class was great! I learned basic spins and Bel took the time to explain everything thoroughly. No one got impatient with the newbie – only smiling faces.  As time went on and my weekly class became weekly classes (3 now) I started to realize something – this studio is ageless.  Not only do you have women and men from every walk of life there’s also a huge range of different ages – yet when we are dancing we aren’t 22 or 45  – we are pole dancers.  A lovely supportive group of people who have a love and passion for pole dancing and each other!
Since starting classes 6 months ago, Dawn has gone from 1 to 3 classes a week. She now trains with Grace Garcia, Albert “AJ” Bautista, and myself! Since starting classes, she has met other Twirlers and has totally bonded with everyone she meets. One of her fellow Twirlers (Angelica),  helped  coach her in her very first  bikini contest this past weekend filling up one of the things on Dawn’s bucket list.
Yes…at Twirly Girls we are ageless!

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