We’re Bringing You Sexy! by Mama Twirl

Special Workshop!!!12106820_10153126962995373_2034800654485667924_n
Burlesque Fundamentals!
Embrace your sexy while learning a short burlesque choreography dance. Students will learn the fundamental techniques to sensuous burlesque struts, bumps, grinds, peels, and reveals. Bring a button-down shirt and,  and dance shoes if you have them. This workshop is for everyone. No experience necessary. Everyone is welcome. Bring a friend!

Sunday November 15th
7:30pm to 9pm
Register online $20 under workshops

Miss Scarlet Conte began her burlesque career in Austin, TX, where she was a founding member of Austin’s Burlesque for Peace, co-producer for Animalesque and Carnivalesque burlesque shows, and an aerial go-go dancer with the Jezebelles Dance Troupe. She has performed as a soloist all over the Bay Area and is the former producer of the Bionic Vixens Revue burlesque shows in San Jose. In addition to burlesque, she also performs bellydance, aerial silks, fire dance, and storytelling.

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