Twirling for Ten! by Mama Twirl


Can you believe its been 10 years! Yes. Twirly Girls has been around for 10 years, actually going on 11 soon!

No business can succeed without the help of family, friends and the belief that what you are doing is not just for yourself, but also, to benefit others.


3a6d8c9f444b16b824dd8d0f54d6b787.jpgI will be adding post from some of our Twirlers about their experience with Twirly Girls. Some of our Twirlers have been with us for 10 YEARS!

I can’t even begin to express my deepest Gratitude to everyone in our Twirly Family. As I’ve often said we are so much more than a studio we are a family.

I will be posting the date that we will have a celebration at the studio in honor of our 10 years in business!

My heart is full….



2 thoughts on “Twirling for Ten! by Mama Twirl

  1. Took my very first class on Friday and wow!!! Incredibly fun and scary at the same time. I love Bel’s emphasis on safety and common sense on her approach. I am a pilates reformer exerciser so I love the flexibility the pole fitness class brings. I know I will end up with bruises but it was fun and I look forward to attending many more of these classes! Thank you!!

    Kelly girl

  2. I attended my very first class on Friday via Groupon offer and wow!!! So much fun and liberating! Bel was great and love the way she emphasized safety and common sense into the class! I exercise on pilates reformer so I love how pole fitness combines flexibility and strength . I look forward to more classes and darn! Despite the bruises I got from last class, I am so excited to learn more moves!! Thanks and what a fine for me to have a studio close to my home!

    Kelly girl

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