Twirly Testimonials! by Mama Twirl



Shortly after I joined Club Sport in Pleasanton,  I met Bel while she was advertising her pole classes.  I asked myself “who is this beautiful and sexy lady with the tiniest waist, buffed arms and long hair? Bel was so friendly and enthusiastic, I joined her for a special Valentine’s movement class.  She offered a free month trial class at Club Sport.  I was not athletic and actually spastic and dorky.  On top of that, I was a exceedingly shy. Bel made the class fun and we developed a special camaraderie among our classmates and all those inhibitions were “shaken off”.

What I appreciated about Bel is “safety first”.

My mad adventures with TG provided me with many “firsts,”

The first climb was exhilarating.  My first invert made me so happy, then there was my first “Scorpio” leg hang.  I have to mention my firs11667438_10152929249820373_8247066301836974565_nt lap dance class. Oh my, I truly did not know what I was getting into.
Bel keeps things interesting by providing classes taught by wonderful guest instructors.  Natasha Wang, David Owen and Jamilla Daville were some that come to mind.

AJ Bautista10354095_10203930120645043_4879439822851894821_n and Gracie Rose were/are exquisite instructors who added new dimensions to my pole dance.

Whoever would have guess that Momma Bel and TG would give me such life changing experiences, fun, friends and joy. 


Thank you, Bel, for your vision to make Twirly Girl Pole Fitness happen.

Shirley Ng.

P.S I have a pole in my dining room!
Shirley has been with us for 8 years!

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