Welcome New Twirly Girl Instructor Janet Cee!


Janet CeeWe are so excited to welcome a new Twirly Instructor to our team!

Janet recently moved here from L.A where she taught for the last four years at
the Secret Pole Dance Studio. Janet comes with a strong dance background and is beautiful on th
e Pole and off. We are so excited and happy to have her join our family.

Janet has been a dancer her entire life and studied ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical and contemporary dance since the age of 3. She fell in love with pole dancing in 2010. She is the 2015 USNPC Level 4 Dramatic Seniors silver medalist and has previously taught at The Secret Pole Dance Studio in Los Angeles. In addition to pole, Janet also avidly trains on aerial silks. She loves translating the art of dance onto aerial apparatuses and her classes focus on quality of movement and expression. Her aim is to help you embrace your unique strengths and allow your passion to shine through in your pole performances! You can follow her pole and aerial journey on Instagram @middlesplits.

Janet will be teaching a Sunday noon class starting February 7th.

Pole Choreography and Movement                                    

Let’s put the DANCE back in pole dance! This class will help you get a better understanding of how to use translate music into movement. In addition to learning short choreographed routines, we will also explore HOW to approach freestyle dance and ways to feel more comfortable just allowing your body to move to music. While we will be utilizing the poles as part of the dance, the emphasis is on movement and expression, not tricks or heavy pole work. This class is appropriate for all levels of dancers, no prior experience necessary. Please bring pants or leg warmers, as we will be rolling around on the floor a lot!


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