Welcome New Instructor Jessica Roginsky: by Mama Bel

Jessica started studying movement at the age of 3 in her first ballet classes and has not stopped learning ever since. She spent 7 years as a competitive rhythmic gymnast, reaching the Junior Olympic level. Then, after finding that she preferred an expressive and freeing atmosphere to that of rigid competition, she began taking circus classes. She has been an active performer for over 6 years, performing alongside Cirque Du Soleil and Ringling Brothers artists in a variety of acts including: contortion, hand-balancing, aerials and hula hoop.

Her love and fascination with movement and the human body, drove Jessica to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from Occidental College (’16). After learning about the deep physiological importance of incorporating fitness into a person’s daily routine, her favorite aspect of teaching has become showing every person that no matter their level of experience they can enjoy exercise in a healthy, fun, and meaningful way.

Jessica is excited to be part of the Twirly Girls family and can’t wait to meet you!

Jessica will be teaching flexibility and conditioning classes, and aerial classes using silks and hoops starting in July.

Her flexibility and conditioning classes will consist of carefully blending  the lines between stretching and strengthening by using the techniques of dynamic and active stretching. After an aerobic warmup we will spend time with each major muscle group, working to stabilize, strengthen, and lengthen the muscles. The class will close with a series of full-body conditioning exercises that tie together the movements used throughout the class. This is a fun and challenging class for those who want to learn how to gain and maintain functional flexibility and strength. All levels are welcome!

Aerial Silks and Hoop will focus on beginners aerial moves that  will focus on teaching the basic elements of climbing, hanging, wrapping, and of course…twirling in the air on silks and hoop. This is a great upper body work out with a unique twist. All levels welcome.

Class scheduled to be announced soon!

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