July Twirly Girl of the Month: Teresa Li










How did you find Twirly Girls? 

I found TG through yelp. 

How long have you been a Twirly Girl?   

I’ve been a TG since June, 2015.

Did you pole dance before becoming a TG?  

 I took one introduction class at Ly’s pole studio before TG.

Which class(es) do you take?

I’m currently taking Graceful moves , Pat-Tricks and Total Twirly Girl classes.

Who is your instructor, instructors?   

My current instructors are Grace, Patrick and AJ. 

Which move were you most excited to nail? 

Handspring! That was my most exciting moment when I nailed it!

Have you taken any workshops?   

I have taken Sarah Jade Flexi-ness and signature tricks, Kirsten E Gerding workshops.

Which was your favorite?    

My favorite was Sarah Jade tricks workshop, I learned air invert on spinning pole.12891487_1766769503558066_7001378861045081196_o










Do you like to dance in heels or barefoot?

I like both, it’s easier to dance in barefoot and it’s sexy to dance in heels.

What is your favorite song to dance to? (at this moment)    

Walk away by Christina Aguilera. 

Do you have a Pole Dream, such as performing, competing?

My pole dream is to get super strong and more flexible to do as more tricks as I can, and compete.

If you wanted to say something about Twirly Girls, what would it be? 

I like all my instructors at TG family,Twirly Girls has helped me become more confident in myself, I found how talented I am for pole, thanks God and everyone who give me support and encouragement.

What is your guilty pleasure?                                                                                                       


It has been so much fun watching how fast Teresa has progressed in pole. She works extra hard and it really shows in her abilities. I’m looking forward to watching her grow with the Pole Community and making her dreams come true! Teresa plans to perform at NCPP in August.

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