Welcome New Twirly Girl Instructor: LindseyGrace Riddell

Lindsey has blindsey-2een a  lifelong Minnesotan who just recently moved to Livermore, California. As a child, Lindsey trained in gymnastics for a few years, while as an adult she spent four years of stretching and exercising to stay fit and healthy. During that time she craved something more than just running and circuit workouts and decided to go with. a friend to a pole studio and instantly she fell in love, and caught onto the art of pole quick. Though Lindsey has no formal dance experience, her favorite parts of pole dancing are free-styling and using spin pole. After her first year of pole dancing, she competed in level 4 at PSO’s Central Pole Championships (not to mention this was her first pole competition!) Now that she’s moved to California, her favorite way to spend her free time is hiking and other outdoor activities. Currently Lindsey is working on her Master’s degree in Exercise Science.

Join Lindsey on Thursdays at 8pm starting in August
Spinning Pole and Pole Combos

Whether you are brand new to spin pole, or if you’ve been playing around on it for years, Spin Pole class is designed to help all levels get more comfortable with spinning, and conditions you by building your strength and form.13835939_10101897808024861_961362774_o

Each class will consist of a warm up, demonstration and practicing combos for the day, Creative time where you will create your own combination, and conditioning and cool down.

Items to bring – notebook, video recorder (personal option), grip

We are super happy to have LindseyGrace join our Twirly Family and want to give her a warm Californian welcome.


Top Photo by Nina Reed

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