Highlighting Twirly Girl Jade D. by Mama Twirl

I often like to take a minute and highlight one of our Twirly Family members. Sometimes its just something I hear or something I see, but I like to share some things, and I think its nice for us to really see another side of a person besides the time spent in the studio.

Jade D. has been coming to Twirly Girls for over a year. For those of you lucky enough to have met Jade, you know she is very friendly, caring and is very supportive to everyone she meets. She is the type of person we want to call friend, but better than that, she is the type of person  you would want to be your child’s teacher.

With a personality like this, Jade is the perfect person to be your childs teacher.

 A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart.

Jade is a second grade teacher.  Yesterday I asked her about 13895335_1110295689009491_3105836859022523144_n-1school, talking about her class and her students and we got to talking about her school being in a low income area, and how teachers do not get much per year for their classrooms. I guess it really took me by surprise that so little is given.  I guess each district is different by what they can get, and what the parents can afford! It seems alot of her students are very low-income and its very difficult for them to even bring in the basic school supplies. So guess who makes up for this….The TEACHER. Basic things like ziplock bags, kleenex, baby wipes, crayons, paper. Teachers purchase these things if there students can’t.

Recently at Walmart I saw a whole section of school supplies, and lists…I thought what if you had 4 kids, and had to fill that big list of school supplies. You basically have to bring in everything!  Forget buying the cool looking school stuff. Just buying the basics can be tuff on a family.

I mentioned to  her my friend had just dumped out a big box of broken crayons…she told me she would have taken those and melted them and made more crayons. We don’t even think of recycling those. How often have you thrown out old crayons! Last night I just kept thinking about what we can do to help…I’m NOT asking for money. What I am asking for is stuff…yep…stuff…so the next time you go shopping to buy a box of Kleenex, or baby wipes, maybe grab a 99cents box of crayons and bring it to the studio. I am going to have a Box for Teachers, not just for Jade’s class, but any of our other teachers who teach at a lower income area who could use that little extra help! It takes a community to make things happen. We are that community.



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