September Twirly Girl of the Month: Lisa Agliano

How did you find TG?  I chased Ellen down the yellow brick road.

How long have you been a TG?  A little over a year now.
Did you pole dance before you came to Twirly Girls?  I started pole dance 3 years ago at Aerial Arts Santa Cruz.
Which classes do you take?  I train with Ellen on Saturdays at TG.
Which move were you most exited to nail?  I don’t think I can beat the excitement I felt when I first learned the front  and back knee hook moves on spin pole.  That first time feeling of spinning and flying while holding my body weight is immeasurable.  I was literally “hooked” on pole with those first moves.
Do you have a pole dream?  I would love to continue to improve as a dancer.  I dream of pointed toes and extended lines!
If you wanted to say something about Twirly Girls what would it be?
Even though I don’t live nearby and I am not able to attend many classes, I am always welcomed and embraced as part of the TG family.
What is your guilty pleasure? I love to get up early but leave the house late.
Congratulations Lisa! Always a smile on her face and always encouraging and showing support for everyone she meets. She is a beautiful dancer and performer.
Strong, and graceful!

Lisa is Master’s 50+ Champion and representing the USA at the IPSAF World Pole Sport Championships in Italy. Super proud of Lisa!

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