October TG of the Month: Our Trick or Twirl Performers! by Mama Bel

Each month we pick someone to be our Twirly Girl or Boy of the Month. This person is someone who is a real team player.

This month instead of recognizing one Twirler, I have decided to honor all or our volunteer performers who will be performing for our Trick or Twirl Spooktacular Performance this Saturday, October 15th at 6pm!

Each performer will bring something different to the show. We have Pole Performers, Hula Hoop Performers, Chair Dancers, and Lyra! These performers have been working on creating a routine for the show. Some have created their own routine, using what they have learned and creating something of their own.

Some of our performers will be seasoned performers, while others will be stepping out for their very first time. For some this is fulfilling something in their bucket list, to perform in front of an audience! They will be excited, they will be nervous, they will wonder why they ever volunteered for this. But when its all done, each of them will look back at what they have accomplished with pride.

Performing is not easy! Especially if you are  NOT a performer or a Dancer!  We will have all levels from beginner, to advanced!

Again I want to thank each and every one of our performers, and recognize their effort and talents!

Good luck this Saturday, and remember to cherish and enjoy your moment!trick-or-twirl

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