Trick or Twirl 2016!!! by Mama Bel

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Highlighting our studio and our Trick or Twirl 2016 performance.

Our performances highlight our studio, instructors, students, and fellow pole friends. The show gives our instructors the chance to work with fellow students toward a common goal and shine on stage. Performances give us the opportunity to celebrate our dancers for their hard work and allows our community to support and revel in their accomplishments.

Recap of Trick or Twirl Performance!
Again…another successful night of amazing performers, volunteers and the support from the audience of friends and family!
First of all…to all our Performers who took numerous hours preparing for this…you were amazing. Each and every one of you brought something unique to the show and gave so much. Everyone of you gave 100% and it showed! Be proud…because your Twirly Family is so proud.

To all our volunteers, where would we be without you;
Ginger…stage manager…I never ever worry when I know you are in charge…you are so organized. If I forget something, you don’t.
Rosanne…took over music this year…what a have no idea how much easier you made my life, and you did an amazing job!
Our numerous pole cleaners: Pole Cleaner in charge Jade D., Teresa, Grace, Alana and all others who helped make sure those poles were clean and ready for the performers. Lots of work, lots of responsibility, and I knew you girls had it covered.
Sylvia and Theresa..thank you for taking the tickets and Sylvia also as door monitor. I never have to ask for help…you always volunteer.
Miles…can’t wait to see the videos…you are beyond talented.
Diablo Gymnastics, Diana, Andrew and Kim…thank you for the bleachers. Seating makes the show so much more enjoyable if you’re not sitting on the floor. It makes the show so much more professional with a place to sit so you can see!


Giving so much of your personal time to make our show a success. We come together as a family to support and encourage each other. Our shows are to highlight each and everyone of us. To encourage each other. Especially those who are new. For some it may be their first time on stage…for others, they are veterans. For all, it creates an exciting evening of dance, one where we come together to celebrate the joy of expression. The belief that we are all connected to something larger than just ourselves and the support you give each other is amazing. We all had to start somewhere and knowing you all support each other is a blessing. Walking out on stage is not just your moment, but our moment also. We share in your joy and accomplishments as a family.

Our Instructors…Your dedication, love, passion, patience, and skilled instruction have nurtured dancers who shine as they perform. Take a moment to appreciate what you have fostered in your students. Know that it will last longer than their dance on stage. You have helped give them the strength and courage to perform. You have given them a gift and a memory that will last their lifetime.You know how very thankful I am to have you teaching in our studio.

Our audience…thank you for coming out on a rainy day to support your friends, your studio and your Twirly Family. What is a performance without an audience! It means everything to a performer to hear the cheering and applause, to know that all their hard work was appreciated.

It is a privilege to teach, work with, and have a studio full of wonderful people.

And to wonderful magical surprises that are unexpected but makes your heart burst with love…AJ, Grace, Tiffany, Miles!!!! I’m still in awe…and yes…we will share soon

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