First Time, New beginnings: by Mama Twirl


Often times we forget our first times!

First time riding a bike, first time rollerblading, first time snowboarding, first time taking a pole class, first time taking anything! That sinking feeling thinking that you think you’ll never learn it! Last night I had that experience again.

Last night I took Jill’s Salsa Class.  I’ve taken salsa classes in the past but its been many many years since I’ve taken classes, and I think the classes I took were pretty rinky dinky. Nowhere near what I was learning last night. Jill’s technique is great and she truly knows how to break each move down. I think what I took in the past was more like a free line dance style salsa. If you ever watch a good Salsa couple they flow together. Its beautiful and sexy at the same time.

I can dance, or so I thought I could until last night.  I totally had 2 left feet. I felt like I kept stepping over myself, and on my partner. I found I wanted to lead, and resisted following. I had to constantly look at my feet to see why they weren’t doing what I told them to do! It was quite humbling and it brought me back to FIRSTS.

Often times as instructors we forget how hard it is in the beginning. We forget our first times. I often hear students say “I’ll never get it” and as instructors we remind them that it’s always hard in the beginning. But sometimes we forget just how hard that can be.

Well, I just stepped back quite a bit. Last night was super fun, and it was a great time to come out with your partner. After class it was nice to be able to walk down Main Street on a beautiful night and sit outside and have a glass of wine. Date night.

The next time Jill teaches a dance class, don’t miss out. Shes a really a great teacher and it was alot of fun and we learned quite a bit. Yes we have homework to practice at home. We are looking at getting weekly group dance nights…so stay tuned….


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