Blue Light Specials


I get bombarded weekly from various groups wanting me to run a special through them. When I tell them I’m not interested, they reply back “What, you don’t want to triple your business!”  Well, unfortunately if I were to triple my business, that would mean one thing: I would have to fill up my classes to the brink! Multiple people on a pole, all trying to get their turn, instructors moving from pole to pole making sure everyone is using proper form. Is it worth it??? Hell no…not to me…yes of course the money would be great but at what risk? I’m a Group Exercise Instructor and I can teach a very large class. But Pole is different. I think its very important to be able to monitor each student properly. I think that’s impossible when you pack them in. But besides that, do you really get to know your students. I mean really get to know them.

Well I love the fact that we all get to know each other and become friends. I love to see students try new classes, new instructors, meet their fellow Twirlers! I don’t plan to do a mass special, but I am going to do something that will be fun, and great way to try other classes, etc…

I’m calling it the Blue Lite Special. Yep, sound familiar???

When there are openings in a class I’ll post a Blue Lite Special on our Facebook page. There may be 4 openings, there may be 1, the cost will be $10! Can’t beat that now, can ya? First come, first score! This will give some of you a chance to try something new at a nice discount. Plus its gonna be fun to see where the Blue Lite pops up! I will run this through the summer. There is no limit to how many you grab. You MUST be signed up for a regular class in order to qualify for the Blue Lite Special. You will be able to register under Workshops in our online registration. Once the number is filled, there will be no more options to get in. Again. we keep our classes fairly small. I am NOT doing this to stack my classes but to give some of you a chance to get into a class that may have room that session!

Keep your eyes open. Who knows when I decide to post one!

~Mama Bel


Trick or Twirl is about a week away!

Twirly Girls’ annual Halloween showcase is scheduled for Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 4:00 PM.  We will be holding this event at a gym in San Ramon (so, no AC or bathroom issues!!).  If you haven’t picked up your tickets, contact Bel ASAP (  Tickets are $15.  NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR AND TICKETS MUST BE PAID FOR IN ADVANCE.  So many people missed out in April when the Lovely Rita Fundraiser sold out, so don’t get left out of this performance.  We have a lot of amazing dancers who are working hard on their routines!

If you are on Facebook, you can get info about the event here:

That day, we will also be releasing the Twirly Girls 2013 Calendar, which benefits the Lovely Rita Fundraiser and the National Kidney Foundation.  Calendars are only $15.  Check out a sneak peak here:

We are very excited to share what we’ve been working on this summer.  Come out and support your local arts and TGs!