News and Events June 9-30, 2014

Fierce Fusion with Sasja Lee
Sunday, July 13th 10am to 11:30am. Learn how to combine tricks, spins and floor work. Listening to your body and pulling from your repertoire in order to create your own routine. INT/ADV  Register online today!  $55

Spinning Pole Techniques

Sunday June 29th, 12:30pm to 2pm $35
Instructor:  Seanmichael Rau
Open level workshop that focuses on the techniques utilized to gracefully execute fluid movement and control the spinning pole.  Learn foundational skills that can be applied to any level of pole movement from beginner to inverter. Register online today!


Pole Play
Friday June 27th, 6pm to 10pm
Money to help support Seanmichael Rau who in August will be traveling to New York for the National Pole Championships! Four hours for $20.00.
Register online today!

Fitness + Pole=LOVE

I’ve been in the fitness world for over 20+ years…I’ve watched new trends come and go. small-228Fitness is a big money maker. Big fitness organizations have to constantly introduce new programs in order to bring in the $$$ and keep things fresh. We’ve seen classes go from Step Classes, to Cycle Classes, to Zumba, U-Jam, Power Pump, just to name a few. Now the newest thing coming out in group fitness is Tabata Work…the Tabata method has been around for awhile, but now its part of a new program and clubs are bringing it in as the newest and latest thing.  There are fitness crazes everywhere.

Enter Pole…yes, for many of us Pole is not only associated with dance, but we also look at it and associate it with fitness. Very often I have a new client walk in wanting to try a pole class. “I hear this is the newest craze!” I explain the benefits of Pole with the dance aspect, building confidence, etc…but I also point out the benefits of fitness with a pole. All the ways you utilize various muscles while learning different pole moves. The progression in order to build and learn safely without injury.

BUT…OH NO! here comes the big  BUT….as with any fitness program, you will NOT make  progress unless you are incorporating fitness in your life more than once a week! Yes…more than once a week! You cannot come into class once a week, do nothing else the other 6 days of the week and expect to improve! You are using your own body weight to lift, so you will need to train your body to be able to lift! Your arms, back, core, legs, lungs for cardio…yes…all of the above and more!

If Pole is your new passion, then treat it like a passion…You need to train…I’m not saying you have to join a gym, but you have to train! Now with YOU TUBE you can find anything, and I mean anything on a video. Every type of workout, using bands, straps, body weights, bosu, jump ropes, outside, inside…there must be 1000’s of trainers posting their fitness programs. Go for a walk, go for a bike ride, learn to use a jump rope! Everyone is spending so much time watching Pole videos to learn that crazy new trick,  spend as much time watching Fitness video’s to  learn how to improve your ABILITY so you can one day do some of these tricks. SAFELY…Personally I like to use lots of the Crossfit sites for new ideas for some of my fitness classes, I love the San Francisco Crossfit Mobility videos…just to name a few.

You get home late from work, traffic was a bitch, you’re hungry, the house is a mess, the kids have extra homework, Sally is sick…their are endless obstacles that will always, yes ALWAYS GET IN OUR WAY…LIFE IS NEVER GONNA GIVE US ALL THE TIME WE NEED. BUT, You have that extra 5 or 10 minutes. You really do! You do not need to spend an hour in the gym, or an hour to do a workout ..give it 5 or 10 minutes…Here is 20 minutes I am going to give you. Yes, sit down to watch your favorite 1 hour TV show, commercial comes on…STOP! Don’t fast forward that TV…use this time for push-ups, crunches, do a plank, jump rope….use that time and you’d be surprised that during a 1 hour show you get almost 20 minutes of commercial exercise time! When I was stationed overseas, we had no commercials on our tv shows…the shows were 20 minutes shorter….so I know you have at least 20 min. of workout time!!!

TRUST ME…every time you get your little workout in you are going to feel so much better about yourself! The best part is, you will get stronger, your endurance will get better, and you will see the improvements when you get on that pole…Isn’t this what its all about!

OTG “Original Twirly Girl”

When you first walked into Twirly Girl’s Studio, did you think you’d still be taking classes and hanging with the Twirly Girls ONE YEAR LATER?

Most people when they decide to try something new, are looking for some sort of change. Whether it’s a change in their fitness program, adding a fitness program, looking to meet new friends, or just wanting to try the new craze on a whim. We all have our own reasons for stepping out and trying something new.

The big question is whether you stick with it and for how long?

Part of keeping with a program is added benefit to your life, forming a strong bond with your fellow peers, and just feeling like you are part of a Family, or as I like to call it A Tribe. So how do you recognize someone who has stuck with it? At Twirly Girls once you’ve made your 1 year anniversary you become an OTG (Original Twirly Girl) and you get to wear your official OTG Shirt…this shirt is earned, not bought.

This is someone who’s dedicated themselves to sticking with the program, whether it’s because of fitness, wanting to become more confident, or just love hanging with a bunch of Twirlers…it doesn’t matter. They earned the right to be an OTG. They are part of the TRIBE. A Tribe called Twirl. When I see one of our students wearing their OTG shirt, they an inspiration to me for sticking with the program, but for me an OTG  is a friend, family and someone who I know is dedicated to being better at what they love.

In today’s world with multiple coupon offers, ready to grab you and pull you away to the latest and greatest cheapest deal of the day, it’s nice to know that our OTG’s stay with us.

So Congratulations to all the OTG”S this month! Jade L, Rebecca T, Luanda G, Christine M.

Mama Bel


3 Main Muscles That Can Cause Back Pain

Flexible Grace
Flexible Grace

The three main muscles that can cause back pain and are not even back muscles, are the hip flexors, the hamstrings and the glutes.

First, the hip flexors you use them to kick, leap, dance, and hold your legs up. They get overworked (and understretched) and they pull the hips to tilt forward (they’re attached at the front party of the spine)the

The hamstrings (the back part of your thigh) are used every time you squat, jump or run. They are also used to kick your back leg behind your or hold it up. They are integral in balance when you are on one foot.

And third, your glutes. They are used each time you jump, squat and land. They are used to turn your hips in and out, to balance you from turning out on single leg, and when strong, are the powerhouse of your run. Keeping them happy will make them pull at your sacrum less, meaning that your SI joint stays happier!

Bel Jeremiah
Owner Twirly Girls Pole Fitness
Personal Trainer

2012 Highlights

Rita, Bel and Lori68224_466885211926_209672616926_6272708_6272406_nAs the 2012 draws to a close, we take a moment to reflect on all the happenings during the year. We’ve had a great year at Twirly Girls. I’ve been blessed to bring in several new instructors. Grace Garcia, “Graceful Moves”, Lori Myers “Boys, Girls and Twirls, Jade Kim, Sexsational, Doug KorbGroup (white background) Twirly Tuff, Sarah Stolar Flying with Silks, and our newest addition Jennifer Hamm, Stretchy, Sexy.

Diana Kottke’s Dizzy Diva’s making their 1 year mark!

We’ve welcome lots of new Twirlers to our family….watching new friendships blossom! Our goal at Twirly Girls is to encourage, motivate and embrace each person who walks through our doors.

I hope each and one of you have a wonderful New Years…and since the world is still here after Dec. 21st…..Twirl On!

Happy New Years…Mama Bel

Lily, A Dazzling Spin Master at 60 Something

A story I would like to share:

Back in 2009, one of our Twirly Girls, Daisy, wanted to surprise her husband with a Birthday Pole Dance. Daisy bought a pole and we put it up in her bedroom. I went over to Daisy’s house so she could practice her routine in her own house.

Lily, Daisy’s mom was downstairs at the time. Lily came up and seemed a little interested in what we were doing. Lily at 61, had recently gone through some life changes, and Daisy thought maybe her mom could use a little spin in her life.

Daisy asked if I could show her mom a few moves… I sent Daisy downstairs to give me a change to work with Lily…we were having so much fun I forgot about the time,  an hour later we called Daisy upstairs to watch her mom dance.

I put on one of Lily’s favorite songs. She walked up to the pole, hesitated at first, closed her eyes, took a deep breath and transformed before our eyes…She danced, and floated around that pole. She hadn’t learned many moves at all, but she just let it go and she danced with so much passion. This was  3 years ago, but I will never forget the look on her daughters face. Daisy dropped to her knees and started to cry. She looked at her mom and said “Mom, you are so beautiful, oh my God, you are so beautiful!” Of course this brought tears to my eyes also.

Lily said, I guess our children forget we can be beautiful and sexy too!

Lily started to take the Grand Dames Pole Class I had created for women over 50. She brought some of her other girlfriends and they had a ball. Lily was also taking ballroom dance, so we would incorporate her style of ball room dance to pole.

I was seeing this amazing women blossom before my eyes. I wanted to share her story so I contacted a local newspaper.  Robert Souza from the Castro Valley Forum set up an interview date at my home. Lily was excited but very nervous. The day of the interview she literally called me to tell me she could not make it! Robert was already at my home waiting. I called Daisy and she said my mom is nervous but she’ll do it. Then I get another call from Lily telling me she broke down on the side of the road and couldn’t come. Well of course I drove out to find her and here she is at the corner, her car running just fine, with a sneaky, smile on her face, since her car was just fine. She followed me to my house, and I assured her if she decided she didn’t want to do the interview that it was ok…but she said she wanted to, she was just nervous. In the beginning of the interview you could tell Lilly was very nervous, then Robert asked if she’d like to maybe show a little bit of her dance….

Instant Transformation…..Robert looked at me and said…”Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this! She transformed right before my eyes to a beautiful, self-confident women. This was amazing.”

Robert asked her…wow, that was quite a change! You were so confident and you seemed to just get into your own space and forget we were even here. You didn’t look nervous at all.

This was the quote Lily gave him and he put this in his article:

“It’s very liberating to walk up to that pole and be able to do whatever you want to do with nobody dictating what you can and can’t do. It’s really training for your inner soul.

I love the fact that Lily found she could dance and put everything else behind her. Dance is just that…finding that inner passion and just letting everything else go.

BTW: Lily bought her own pole for her living room!


Why Should I learn to do a Pullup?

Have you ever done a full pull up or chin up? Is it something that you just assume you can’t do…I’ve trained countless people, men and women who’ve said “Oh, I can’t do a pull up.” Just like that…just stating a fact. when in fact they’ve never really trained to do one. After a few months of training most of these women are amazed at the progress they make. We  are so much stronger then we give ourselves credit for.
Why am I writing about a pull up? Well to me…being able to do a pull up, is what strength is all about.

Pull-ups are one of the oldest resistance exercises known to the human race.  The pull-up is a great upper body exercise, but it is also one of the more difficult exercises for beginners.  In fact, most people, men and women cannot do a single pull-up.  How can you get better at pull-ups when you cannot do any?

What muscles do you use: The pull-up is an upper body exercise that involves the lattissimus dorsi muscles (the “lats”), the rhombodius, the teres major, the serratus group, and the rotator cuff muscles as well as your forearms and grip.  In order to do a pull-up, you will need a pull-up bar set to the correct height.  Most gyms have them on the crossbars at the top of the power racks.  You can also buy a pull-up bar to install in a doorway for a home gym. Everyone should have one 🙂

Pull-ups and chin-ups.  There are two versions of the pull-up.  A “pull-up”  is when your palms are facing away from you.  A “chin-up” is when your palms are facing towards you.  The chin-up has more bicep involvement and is easier to do. I find most women will learn to do a chin up before they master the pull up.

Getting started.  Since the chin-up is easier to do than the pull-up, you should start with it. 

Jumping chin-ups to a negative.  The first method is known as a jumping chin-up.  You should lower the bar or use a high enough stool so you can reach the bar with your feet still in contact with the ground/stool.  You will use a jump to get the movement started.  Only use as little jump as necessary to do the movement.  You should lower yourself slowly and under control to get the most out of the negative portion of the exercise.  Repeat the exercise for as many reps as you can properly lower yourself under control. Start with the palms facing towards you, which is easier for a beginner.

Band assisted chin-ups.  If you have access to these bands they are great to help assist you. I love my Woody Bands. They’re very heavy duty bands and very safe to use. You can wrap them over a pull up bar and either use your foot to step on the band or put your knee into he looped band. We use the bands at Twirly Tuff. Once you feel like you’re able to do a full set of pull ups switch to less resistance.

I like to add both methods…

Moving away from assisted chin-ups.  Once you reach the level where you can do at least one complete chin-up without any assistance or jumping, you should modify the workout.  Start with as many unassisted chin-ups as you can do and then use the jumping or band assisted methods to complete the remaining reps you are aiming to complete. Remember, unless you challenge you will never make progress. A pull up or chin up is one of those exercises that once you can do one…then its only a matter of time before you do two! Just think, you are lifting your entire body weight. You are using so many muscles that your entire upper body is working for you.

Added Benefit? If you’re learning to do Pole, you will be lifting your body weight. Again and again and again. When you train your body for lifting, everything will get easier.

Everything we do in life requires some type of lifting…learn to lift yourself and you have no boundaries.



How often have you joined a new sport or new adventure and you want to jump right into it?  You want to go from A to Z overnight right!

If you have a good coach or trainer they will teach you a slow progression to reach your goals.

You’ve heard of those weekend warrior injuries, where you run out and decide to play hard, and end up with an injury…Injuries can happen because of overuse, or it will happen in an instant.

Now for the big word of the day:

Progression: To avoid injuries, the intensity and/or duration of any exercise program should increase gradually.

Progress no more than 10% per week (weight, time, speed or distance for example). First increase the intensity, then the duration (go faster and then longer). Train safe…let your body adapt to the new stresses you’re putting on it.

If you try to progress too fast you risk injury. Let your body adapt.

Look at the weekend warrior…comes out hard and strong on the weekends…doesn’t get much exercise during the week and tries to fit it all in on the weekends. Total violation of the  principle of progression. Very high risk of injury.

The principle of progression implies that there is an optimal level of overload that should be achieved, and an optimal time frame for this overload to occur. If you gradually increase  the workload over a period of time you will see improvements in your fitness abilities without the risk of injury. If the overload occurs too slowly, you may not see much improvement, but if the overload is done to0 quickly this can result in injury or muscle damage.

The Principle of Progression also stresses the need for proper rest and recovery. Something most people don’t do enough of. They think more is always better. Continual stress on the body and constant overload will result in exhaustion and injury. You should not train hard all the time, we call this over-training, and instead of making gains you’ll actually have a decrease in fitness.

Its easy to get caught up in the new moves of the day, but until you train your body and progress safely, you risk injury.

These are the things alot of people don’t want to hear because they want to go from A to Z…in a very short amount of time. But Progression should be a word that sticks in the back of our head. When you’re about to do a move and you know you really haven’t trained for it….think….Progression…know when to stop and re-evaluate your next move, because an injury can happen in an instant….and it can take months to heal….

Play smart…play safe…Mama Bel

The Third Annual Lovely Rita Fundraiser — VIDEOS!

On April 22,2012, all of our Twirly Girls and Boys came together despite a mini heat wave and a broken AC unit, everyone danced their hearts out to celebrate our Lovely Rita!  The show sold out almost two weeks before the event.  And, at last count, we had raised almost $3,800 to benefit the National Kidney Foundation.  We want to thank everyone who contributed prizes and time to this amazing event.  We are really proud to be surrounded by so many amazing and generous people!

If you missed the event, here are some videos of the show!

Our next event is Trick or Twirl in October…you better not miss it!

Posted by Lori.