What class should I take?

cropped-cropped-screen-shot-2014-06-09-at-11-21-26-am.pngWe offer a wide variety of classes and workshops – a little something for everyBODY.

Beginner Classes can be attended by anyone with no prior experience.

All levels classes mean that anyone can take the class if you’ve taken at least a few intro/beginner classes. If you are totally new to pole taking a few beginner classes will help you learn some basic moves and techniques.

Below you can find description of all Twirly Girls Pole & Aerial classes we are offering.

Still NOT sure what to take…feel free to call us and we’ll be happy to make sure you find the right class for you! 510-828-3447


TRIPLE T’ BEGINNER (Tricks Twirls and Transitions): Start here if you are brand new to pole. Students will learn fundamental pole spins, transitions and floor work as well as basic safety and pole dance terminology. We recommend taking at least 4 classes to really get the feel of pole. By the end of a series, we combine all we’ve learned into a dance routine.   Tues. 11am, and 8pm, Friday 10am  |  Instructor: Bel      

POLE DANCE and EROTIC MOVEMENT :  Sensual floor work combined with basic pole tricks and twirls. You want sexy and erotic this is the class for you. You don’t have to be skinny or feminine or young or strong or anything else to have fun and feel sexy. No experience needed! If you ever thought pole dancing looked fun, here’s your chance. We focus on improvisation, personal expression, building confidence, and intentionality. Bring your questions, goals, concerns, curiosity, and desires.This is a body positive, sex-positive, safe, welcoming, environment.Beginners welcome and all levels. Something for everyone.  Instructor Alexandria Nichandros


Triple T’s All Level (Tricks Twirls and Transitions):  This class will focus on various tricks and transitions. Work on various combos including all elements of pole. All levels.  Tuesday 6pm   |Instructor: Devon

LYRA CLASSStart the class with a full all body conditioning warm up. You will then work on proper techniques. As you progress you will start learning various aerial dance sequences. You will be using a circular hoop hanging from the ceiling. This all level class will help build the strong foundation for dancing in the sky.                                               Tues 8pm  |  Instructor: Natalia

AERIAL SILKS: Here students will be led through a group warmup and conditioning, and instructors will present new and varying skills each week. You’ll learn all the tools needed to play in the sky. Why exercise on the ground, when you can play in the air!  Wed. 6:30pm, Sat 10am | Instructor: Daniela 

EXOTIC ELEMENTS: Sensual exotic dance elements combined with tricks and sensual floor work. Some call this Russian Exotic. Heels and knee pads highly recommended. Instructor: Teresa

GRACEFULL MOVES POLE DANCE ROUTINES : All Levels.  Lots of dancing and sexy combo moves. Grace will combine dance,  pole twirls and tricks for sensual dance routines.  Monday 8pm  Instructor: Grace

POLE MOVEMENT AND DANCE: Focus on floorwork and low flow movement.  Cover a variety of fundamental movement techniques for different styles of dance – from exotic heels work to contemporary dance. Please note we will NOT be learning choreography in this class – rather, you will learn basic techniques (e.g. spinal articulation, ankle strengthening, how to spot turns, etc.) that will smooth and refine your movement quality.  This is a great class to learn some sexy basic moves.  Wed. 7pm | Instructor: Janet

BOTTOMS UP: This class you will focus on building a strong core and how to properly go upside down! All levels are welcome because we will modify your ability to your goals and help you get started! This is a great class if you want to learn to go upside down. Get ready to sweat!       Wed. 8:15pm | Instructor: Janet

PICK A TRICK: You love tricks! You are more interested in learning a specific trick then learning various combo’s. This class will help you master that trick you’ve been struggling with, or if you are new on your pole journey a trick you’d like to learn. All levels welcome.   Sunday 10AM  | Instructor: Morgan

FLEXIBILITY AND STRETCH CLASS: You will be working on flexibility and stretching techniques. Flexibility is very important in the aerial arts.  Sun 1pm | Instructor: Morgan

POLEOGRAPHY DANCE: If you love to dance you’ll love this class. We combine a dance routine using the pole.  You should take at a few beginner classes prior to taking this class. Each month a new routine is introduced. The best way to learn it is to register from the beginning and stay with the class for the month.   Class is modified for everyone.  Sun 11:30am | Instructor: Morgan



You’ve gone through beginner classes,  and now its time to move up to a more challenging class. These classes will vary in ability. If you are not sure if you are able to take the class feel free to ask your instructor. You will be challenged to train harder and smarter in order to properly execute moves in these classes. Your instructor will help you make the smart move. If you have taken pole from another studio, as your instructor what class works best for your level.

Triple T’s Intermediate: This class is a notch about beginner classes. You will start working on climbing and inverts while learning a dance routine. We put all our moves to a dance routine. Some pole experience needed.  Tuesday 9:30am, Friday 11:30  Instructor: Bel       

Pole Open Level: Focus on various pole combos. Learn to climb and invert, and well as taking those tricks to a new level. Some pole experience needed. Anyone who is entering intermediate level is welcome.   Thursday 10am | Instructor: Morgan

Graceful Moves: This class is for all levels after you have taken a few intro/beginner classes. Lots of dancing and sexy moves. This is not a first time class.   Monday 8pm | Instructor: Grace

Pole Intermediate & Up! This is a trick based class. You should be able to climb and have some previous pole experience. Thursday 8pm | Instructor: Morgan

Total Twirl: This class focuses on intermediate to advanced combination moves of spins, inverts and beautiful transitions. You must be able to climb.   Thur 6:30 pm | Instructor: AJ

TRIPLE T’S COMBO’S  This class you get it all. Tricks, Transitions and combo’ moves. Prior pole experience needed.   Saturday 8:30am  | Instructor: Devon

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