What class should I take?

We offer a wide variety of classes and workshop–a little something for everyBODY.
We adore beginners and we welcome dancers of all abilities, shapes, levels, and backgrounds. If you are wondering if you can take a pole class, the answer is YES!


I need a beginner class!

Triple T’s   (Tricks, Twirls and Transitions) We offer a beginner and an Intermediate Triple T’s Class. You will start in the beginner class if you are new to pole. New students will learn fundamental pole spins, transitions and floor work as well as basic safety and pole dance terminology. We recommend taking a series of at least 4 classes to really get the feel of pole. By the end of the series, we combine all we’ve learned into a dance routine. No experience or fitness background required. Tues. 11am, 5pm, 6:30pm & Friday 10am

Pole Tricks & Spins we consider this a beginner class but not a first time intro class. You should take a basic beginner class prior to this class. This is a notch up from a intro beginner class. We recommend not taking this class as a first time experience. Mon 8pm

Pole Movement & Dance focus on floorwork and low flow movement.  Cover a variety of fundamental movement techniques for different styles of dance – from exotic heels work to contemporary dance. Please note we will NOT be learning choreography in this class – rather, you will learn basic techniques (e.g. spinal articulation, ankle strengthening, how to spot turns, etc.) that will smooth and refine your movement quality.  This is a great class to learn some sexy basic moves. Wed. 7pm

Bottoms Up class is for all levels. This class you will focus on building a strong core, and how to go upside down! All levels are welcome because we will modify your ability to your goals and help you get started! This is a great class if you want to learn to go upside down. Get ready to sweat!  Wed. 8:15pm

Pole Tricks Flexibility and Stretch you will be working on flexibility and stretching techniques. You will also work on a trick of your choice, or if you are new, you will focus on a few basic moves. This is a 2–part class. No experience necessary. Sun. 10am

PoleOgraphy Dance: If you love to dance you’ll love this class. We combine a dance routine using the pole.  You should take a beginner series prior to taking this class. Each month a new routine is introduced. The best way to learn it is to register from the beginning and stay with the class for the month.   Class is modified for everyone.        Sun. 11:30am

Lyra class you will learn conditioning moves and you will be using a circular hoop hanging from the ceiling. No experience necessary. Monday 6:30pm

Aerial silks you will learn conditioning moves and you will be using a silk hanging from the ceiling. No experience necessary. Wed 6:30pm and Sat 10am


These classes are NOT Beginner Classes!

Instructors will vary with these classes. Each instructor has a unique style of their own!

Pole Combos, Total Twirl, Pat-Tricks, Pole Tricks & Spins, Triple T Intermediate,


You’ve gone through a beginner series and now its time move up to a more challenging class. These classes will vary in ability. If you are not sure if you are able to take the class feel free to ask your instructor. You will be challenged to train harder and smarter in order to properly execute moves in these classes. Your instructor will help you make the smart move. If you have taken pole from another studio, in order to take these classes you must have a strong understanding of inverts.

Pole Tricks & Spins with Morgan: Mon 6:30, Thur 10am & 8pm

Triple T’s with Bel: 8pm

Total Twirl with AJ: Thur 6:30 pm

Pole Combos with Ellen: Sat 10am