Inverts and Aerial Tricks

large-36You will find most of our classes offer various degrees of inverting.

Triple T’s Classes Beg/Inter

Our beginner series will teach proper climbing technique, which will then lead to head stands on to inverting. All intermediate classes will offer various types of inverts. These classes are centered on developing proper form and technique for basic tricks and inverts (Leg Hangs and their variations, mounts and dismounts). Learn how to understand the reason behind proper body positions, various hand grips, important body contact points to help you learn tricks  in a safe environment. You must go through a beginner series prior to moving on to intermediate or advanced classes.

ellen satNext Level Pole, Total Twirl,  Graceful Moves and Pat-Tricks.

These classes take inverts and aerial tricks a step further. You will be challenged to train harder, and smarter in order to properly execute moves in these classes.

Instructor: Varies with Class
Level: Intermediate/Advanced