Graceful Moves

GracefulMonday 6:30pm to 7:45pm (Beginner)

This class is designed to train you in the basic twirls, tricks, and transitions of pole. If you have never taken a pole class, this class is a must! Learn how to support yourself on the pole. Work muscles that you never knew you had! Learn to put it all together to create a beautiful dance.

Monday 8pm to 9:15pm (Intermediate)

You’ve taken the Beginner Series and now you’re ready to challenge yourself with more Style and Grace. For students who feel comfortable with inversions, leg hangs, climbing, and pole spins, we are ready to take you to the next level of Strength and Grace. Focus on various tricks, combination spins, and graceful transitions. You will be viewing the world from various angles in this challenging class.

These classes will incorporate routines and free dance so you will be able to transition effectively from floor to pole, or just dancing alone.Each class will help you find your confidence and style as a dancer. We offer nothing but positive support and encouragement as you explore your strength and sensuality in this class.  Add grace to your pole dancing skills, while perfecting transitions and artistry through this total body workout.

Instructor: Grace Garcia

What to wear: Wear shorts, or lose fitted pants you can roll up above your knees. Cloth will cause you to slip on the pole. Wear a workout shirt. Please remove rings and hand jewelry. Please do not apply any type of body lotion the day of your class.