Pat-Tricks Tricks Class


Pat-Tricks Tricks Class – Inter/Advanced


Challenge yourself to build strength and a solid foundation for tricks.  This class will focus on conditioning muscles needed for power to have control from the beginning of a trick all the way to the exit.   Students will learn to incorporate transitions and find ways to link tricks together to  create a powerful and impactful dance piece. Both the static and spin pole will be used.  Students must have a solid invert and basic tricks skills.  Patrick likes to warm up his classes with a little Zumba, dance and laughter.

Instructor: Patrick
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Prerequisites: Must have a strong invert. Leg hangs, helicopters. This is not a beginner level class.

What to wear: Wear shorts, or lose fitted pants you can roll up above your knees. Cloth will cause you to slip on the pole. Wear a workout shirt. Please remove rings and hand jewelry. Please do not apply any type of body lotion the day of your class.