Pole Classes

7177452237_4110e045f2_bPole dance is a form of performance art that combines dance and acrobatics centered around a vertical pole.

Classes are available from beginner level to advanced! Beginners will start with basic spins, climbing technique, upright poses, and floor work. Students progress at their own levels. No rush here!  We want you to feel comfortable before you move on to                     “Higher Things.”

Pole dance does requires strength, flexibility and endurance. Let us help you build your fitness levels to be able to accomplish things you never thought you could. You will find a safe and welcoming environment along with challenging classes that will keep you pushing towards your goals. We also offer a Flexibility Class to help with your goals.

As you build strength, power, consistency and confidence, you will move on to various levels of pole classes that will challenge you and keep you wanting to come back for more! We’re here to help you find the class that works best for you!

What to wear: Be sure to note the dress code for each class. Pole tricks classes require shorts so your skin can “stick” to the stainless steel. Students who would like are welcome to wear heels in our dance classes. Please refrain from wearing any lotion or oil to class as the poles become slippery and dangerous. No jewelry is permitted as it scratches the poles.

Prices: We offer various price packages or drop ins. Our packages are for 6 months and can be used in any of our classes except specific workshops.

Single Drop in is $30,

10 pack $250

5 pack $135

New Beginner pack $70

All purchases are NON-Refundable.