Pole Classes

7177452237_4110e045f2_bPole dance is a form of performance art that combines dance and acrobatics centered around a vertical pole.  Pole dance requires strength, flexibility and endurance. At Twirly Girls you will find a safe and welcoming environment to learn pole, various dance, get fit and have fun. We offer classes for all levels. Our Beginner Triple T’s Class will teach you the basic moves so you can move on to more challenging classes. If you’ve had past pole experience we offer several challenging classes that will keep you pushing towards your goals. If your goal is to one day compete our instructors can help you reach you highest potential.

All classes are $25. You must register for each class you wish to take.

Costs of workshops will vary.

What to wear: Wear shorts, or lose fitted pants you can roll up above your knees. Cloth will cause you to slip on the pole. Wear a workout shirt. Please remove rings and hand jewelry. Please do not apply any type of body lotion the day of your class.