PoleOgraphy Dance

pole dance morgan

A dance class choreographed to the dancers wanting to improve their skills on the dance floor or on the performance stage. Pole will is included in the choreography. Learning to dance with choreography is one of the best mental, and physical exercises out there. Becoming comfortable with muscle movement will also help you understand your own body movements better. You’ll learn to  sharpen your patterning memorization, speed, style, delivery, and musicality.  You do not need to have a dance background, and the class is specifically developed to be comfortable for anyone.

We recommend you take a beginner intro class prior to taking this class. You should have the beginner basic moves down. Each month a new song and routine are introduced. Signing up in the beginning of the month will ensure you learn the routine. Each week a new part of the routine will be added.

Plus it’s just so much fun!

Dance classes will consist of:

  • Warm up.
  • Basic routine choreographed for you by the instructor
  • Then perhaps a slightly more challenging routine that you add bits of your own moves and steps to.
  • Followed by a cool down.
  • Bring knee pads, or knee high socks.

Instructor: Morgan Christy


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