Jennifer Chaney

Jennifer Chaney jen

I started pole dancing over 7 years ago. My first class was a spur of the moment treat for one of my best friends on her annual birthday visit. I have been fascinated with exotic dancers my entire life. I never listened to the taboo judgments about dancers, I also don’t allow bad mouthing of dancers in any industry. I found dancers (of all types) magnetic. Their grace, beauty and confidence was something I always admired. I was finally ready to try it out for myself. Well after my first class at Sedusa Studios, I was hooked. I began taking classes 3 days a week. I lived pole dancing in its entirety. I don’t remember a day when I wasn’t sore, bruised, and smiling from ear to ear since then. I soon saw the benefits these classes were having on me. Not only did my body transform from a scrawny little twig to a sculpted full healthy body, but I walked a little taller with a little more sass in my step too. I knew I could do things that many wished they could. From that point on I knew I needed to share this with others who may have the same struggles with their body or confidence. Everyday when I walk into the studio I’m so excited to share this gift with all of my students. I want to build and teach every person that they can love themselves inside and out. They can be who they truly are and never accept anything less.

Jennifer is a certified Fly Gym (aerial yoga) Level One instructor, TRX Qualified Trainer,  X-Pole Instructor, Lyra Instructor.