Morgan Christy

Using a Groupon promotion, Morgan started taking pole classes in the summer of 2012. Since her first class, she has never looked back!
With 10+ years of classical dance background, she brings a technical eye to the world of pole fitness. She has a bachelors in sociology and criminology,  but soon after college she discovered the fitness world, and became hooked on teaching and sharing her love for fitness.

Morgan has done several solo competitions for PSO (Pole Sport Organization.) She has also competed in the doubles category taking a Bronze Medal.

In June, Morgan recently finished a year long work study program at Body & Pole in New York.  She is also “Elevated Certified” for Pole Level 1 & 2, along with a Flexibility Certification. Morgan is also certified with Xpert Pole, Levels 1 – 4.

Morgan has a strong passion for Pole and Fitness and wants to be able to pass this knowledge on to her students. Morgan lives here in the Bay Area with her husband and her two beautiful dogs!

Morgan teaches the following classes:

  • Pick a Trick Open Level (Sun, 10am)
  • PoleOgraphy (Sun, 11:30am)
  • Flexibility All Levels (Sun, 1pm)
  • Pole Intermediate and Up (Thurs, 8pm)