January Twirly Girl of the Month: Shelly!!

This month’s Twirly Girl of the Month is actually an instructor, USPDF competitor and pole dancer extraordinaire, SHELLY LAMB!

How did you find Twirly Girls?

I first came to Twirly Girls to attend a workshop with Jamilla Deville.  The second time with the Twirly Girls was when I was invited to do the annual “Girls Night Out” event by KGO radio.  I had two X-stages at the time so I asked one of Bel’s instructors if she would like to join me to help promote Twirly Girls.  Bel was always busy running the twirly ship so it wasn’t until I was accepted as a finalist in the 2010 USPDF West Coast Regional competition that I got to know Bel on a more personal level.  She most generously offered her studio to me so I could train for the competition on a 12ft/45mm pole which would be used in the competition.  So I guess my relationship with Twirly Girls grew sporadically over the course of a year, but if I had lived closer I would have been over there all the time 🙂

How long have you been an instructor at Twirly Girls?

I have been teaching here for about a year now.  Wow time flies!

Which classes to do you teach?  

At Twirly Girls I am currently teaching a class called SLAPD which stands for Shelly Lamb’s Anarchy Pole Dancing, I think 😉 In San Francisco I am teaching 4 different classes:  Stretching for Pole (flexibility training), Showgirl Style (a style and more dancey pole class with set choreography), Pole Workout (a longer more advanced class, similar to SLAPD), Acro Pole (Beg/Int level pole tricks) and Pole Basics (Introduction to pole series).

Any new plans for 2012?  

Yes, I want to teach a contemporary floor moves class, which would be all about innovative ways to crawl around on the floor, stand on your head and also do more dancey showgirl/jazz inspired floorwork-my focus would be on how to travel from one pole to another without choking or walking like a pedestrian-this is in perfect harmony with my teaching philosophy-“every move you do must dance”…including, but not limited to, wiping your sweaty hands on you pole shorts.  I also think I may be doing to a dirty south kinda floor/chair/wall/lap dance workshop for Valentine’s Day.

Which move are you most excited to teach?  

I don’t have a favorite move to teach, but I do have many favorite embellishing techniques for lots of moves that I teach.  I enjoy most teaching people how to make what they already know better.  I also really enjoy seeing students grasp my directions with regard to continuity of movement, a lot of people refer to this as “flow” or fluidity.  I think I am pretty good and teaching students the concept of momentum and also how to do a library of pirouettes around the pole.

Do you like to dance in heels or barefoot?  

I love to dance in heels because I am drawn to that showgirl style, but they can be limiting with certain dance moves.  Right now I am nursing a broken toe so I am doing a lot of barefoot dancing.

What is your favorite song to dance to (at this moment)?  

Pretty When You Cry by Vast.  I recently choreographed a routine to this song for my debut performance with the Hubba Hubba Revue.  I honestly can not get sick of the this song, I love the edginess of it!  I love everything by Vast but most of their music has a more somber quality.  I was lucky to stumble across this song, it really inspires me.

What is your guilty pleasure?